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A/C out again....best order of troubleshooting?

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Last summer converted my a/c to 134, only thing i replaced w/new was the expansion valve. it was nice and chilly w/no apparent problems. had our first really hot days recently and ....... no cold air. i checked the refridgerant pressure, it's good. i don't hear the compressor kick in, so that's my first guess, but i thought i'd ask for some direction on troubleshooting before i lay out the "cold" hard cash for a replacement compressor. thanks for any help......

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jump the compressor briefly (disco the + wire and touch it to the battery post, may spark a tad) to see if the clutch engages. If it does, you know the comp and clutch are good and can troubleshoot from there (relay, low pressure switch, etc.). Start with the engine off and see if the clutch engages...if it does then try it running to see if the compressor spins.


You really can't check the low or high side system pressures without the compressor engaged. Static pressures don't mean much....



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I just roll my window down to turn on my AC... Mr. Fancy Pants.. :wavey:


When someone asks if I'll turn on the A/C in mine, I flip the switch to A/C and see how long till they roll their window down. :popcorn:



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