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tnt/treks y link xj upgrade

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it's made for a cherokee.


the comanche has cab bracings in different locations. you'll need to remove those to make it fit.


I wouldn't buy it though. if you have ANY drivetrain failures on the trail (i.e. trans, t-case) then you cannot effect any trail repair. in order to access those parts, you must first support the body then literally REMOVE the front links, then drop the entire belly skid.



that system sucks. I would buy a 4 link setup instead. y-links are notorious for unloading on a hill climb and poor weight distribution because they tend to unseat the downward flexing coil, removing all weight from that tire.

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heard all about that loser.


would build my own but don't have all the correct tools and not all the correct smarts quite yet. I'm gonna need to actually install an aftermarket one before i have an idea of how to make my own.


anyways... hoprfully someone can chime in...

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I give a vote for the RockKrawler stuff....have 3 friends locally that run the Gen3 stuff and its SOOOO much better than their old stuff...i personally run their HD trackbar and bracket and don't have any "fit" problems....there stuff is solid and for the price its great....

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The Treks Y Link is one of the better kits available. It does not simply bolt on, but isn't difficult to install. The extra lower control arm bracing needs to be removed from the body and a handful of holes need to be drilled through the unirail. If you are looking for a kit, it is the only one I would recommend.



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