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1980, J20 Value Question...


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I know this isn't a Comanche topic, but, I'm hoping some of you may be able to help me out with a question regarding a 1980, Jeep J20. Got a chance to buy a Jeep J20, has the 360 V8, 61,000 miles, manual transmission, body over all good, rusty passenger floor pan, rust through spot behind passenger door, no other visible rust. 4 wheel drive works well, transmission and clutch good, body ok, several dings and scrapes. What is a good price for this?


Thanks again.

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once you get into something like that it is next to impossible to pin down a good price.


sounds like its in normal shape for going on 30 yrs old, i like those trucks. i'd think if it is in overall working order maybe 1500 max. if the body was great it would be more. but, then there's the how much do you like it factor. if its something you really like, then it can be worth more. just my opinion.

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I too once have the chance, even found out I worked with the original owners son after the fact. Anyway. according to the classic car values...











But personally, I wouldn't go above $2,000 unless its immaculate.


Rob L.

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