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Subscriptions Emails?

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Is there an option to include the text of a message reply in the email that gets sent to me ?


So instead of just a message that says someone replied to a thread I'm subscribed to with a link, it also includes the message itself (no images or anything, just text)...Not sure if PHPBB does this or not... I know vBulletin does and JeepForum has that enabled. Often faster so i don't have to go hit the link and web-page every time to read a reply...



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Not yet. Qui Gon has been, um, a bit "distracted" the past couple weeks (I'll let him fill in the story if he wants) and I never heard back on this particular topic. I'll remind him about it, but I'm sure it's on his to-do list once the storm blows over. :thumbsup:

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