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track bar questions

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Just replaced my Track bar, got rid of the death wobble.... but now my steering wheel is off about 30 degrees... so I believe that the new track bar was the same length... came from Advance Auto Parts.... would now be a time for an adjustable bar..

It only has a 3" lift.... and the old track bar with the lift, the steering wheel was straight....


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The higher you lift the more the axle will get pulled towards the drivers side as the track bar which located the axle left to right has further to reach. A 3" lift typically creates about a 9/16" offset. So check with a straightedge against the fender flares how much your axle has shifted. You can either re-drill a new mounting hole in the track bar bracket (not recommended but lots of guys have done this), or fit an adjustable track bar as I did (Teraflex) to re-center the axle. After you get your axle centered, then align the steering wheel using the drag link turnbuckle.

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Gotta be on the ground, as this is the way you will be "going down the road". :D


Yup, If you jack the truck up by the body, the axle will droop, and the wheels will actually point farther in. If you jack it up by the axle, the suspension could compress a little and the wheels will point out a little. Better to do it on the ground.

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