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dual amp wiring question

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ok so I'm trying to get my stereo to sound a little less crappy. i have 2 polk audio 5-1/4's for the doors that i got for free. 2 pioneer premier 6x9's in boxes behind my seat and I'm going to delete the 4x6's in the A-pillars. these will be ran off a pioneer 400watt 4 channel amp. then i have a small sony xplod 10" 1000watt sub which will be ran off an 800watt pioneer mono amp. the speakers and 4channel amp are already wired and sound ok. i got the sub for cheap and already had the amp so now i want to install it. the 4 channel already has the outputs so i can run RCA's to the mono amp for the sub but my main question is will it be ok to split the remote wire from my head unit to the two amps? also will i need a capacitor? I'm not sure what you can run before you really need one.

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splitting the remote turn on will be fine for both amps.

you will not need a capacitor, if you do find you have problems with your lights dimming you can either: replace your battery with a better one, upgrade your big 3 (google search will give good results on how to do this) or invest in a high output alternator.

what are the true RMS ratings of your amps?

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