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ok got the 4.0 what all can i do to get more HP? i know a cold air intake will do a little but, what about "a" header or a chip? i aint got the money for it but just curoius? :???:



header, bored throttle body, larger injectors is pretty much what you're limited to with renix setups.

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well if you're talking about your renix era jeep in your sig, you can start there. later style head and intake manifold from ho 4.0. header at the same time makes sense. i don't like k&n and the other air filter/ "cold air" bs.


you can make small gains with intake/exhaust upgrades. more bang for your buck is gears, if you have even slightly larger tires and wanna feel it more off the line.


after that the real gain is in displacement. stroker is gonna give you more than any add ons you can pile up.

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If we think about it, the concept is pretty simple, more flow = less filtration.


I sometimes wonder though if you could make a good filter but with more surface area and some kind of mechanism to draw more air in if that would give you better flow without sacrificing air quality.

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