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SCORE!...tires and tuffy box


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Went to the jefferson swap meet today. it was miserable...soaked to the bone but we still toughed the whole 5 acres of crap for sale out :D


picked up a wrangler (unknown classification i.e. yj tj cj) tuffy lock box WITH pioneer deck and remote for $75 to put in my wheeling truck after I mod it.


and got my 97 header (in immaculate shape) with headlight buckets, turn signals, one bezel, and one side marker for $60. great since I have a grille and two bezels...now I just need one side marker and one fender (have driver's side fender that's a little wrinkled but repairable, thanks to $500MJ awhile back)


also got two camo seat covers (match my headliner) for $2 each. the white appears a little pink though...so may have to rethink that lol.


my brother bought 35x12.50 mud terrains (similar tread pattern to BFG) on cragar soft 8's with the right bolt pattern for $350


and got 4 KC fog lights as well for $5 each


buddy bought a clevis and air horn under $20


JakeWI bought some hood vents (with drip trays) from something-or-other. they're larger than lebaron vents, but look nicer and still should fit with proper trimming, for $15, and a spare 31x10.50 bfg a/t for his XJ



good day. I'll post pics of my junk and my bro's soon, and nab some pics of the hood vents once I figure out what they're off of and we install them.

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the 35s seem to fit nice. and i envy your trucks stance :D





they turn lock to lock without touching ANY steering components or control arms, and they just barely contact the rear lower corners of the front flares.


I think with minimal trimming all around, and raising the flares 2", then bumpstopping one more inch, and dropping the upper shock mount 1", I would be extremely happy with these tires.


for the life of me, I can't remember what they are. dunlop raidals I think.

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