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Don't cut your leaf spring plates

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I cut the leaf spring plates to get the shock mount lower and didn't put the top plate back on either. It wasn't the best setup but it was intended to be temporary till I fabbed up some shock mounts. I don't have a welder but its on the to-do list.


It luckily let go on the last turn into the house after a 120 mile round trip. I had another set of spring plates and slapped those on correctly,,,that is for my SOA. Now I have the standard two spring plates on upside down. The problem is that my shocks are bottomed out and I can't haul any real weight in the back of the truck.


Lesson Learned, buy a good aftermarket spring plate when doing an SOA, and get someone to weld up some shock mounts correctly. I could've lost the rear axle at 65 mph down the highway!! :eek:




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Yeah I made the last turn into the house and heard a pop, then the rear end swung out to the side. I was on my way to the shoulder anyway turning into the house.


What made me madder was I drove 60 miles to pick up a set of 35" BFGs with 75% tread for 200 bucks. When I got there, the guy said he couldn't make it. The next morning he had deleted the CL ad. Guess he sold em to someone else with better looking 200 dollar bills. :fs1:

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