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Putting the guts from an 01 TJ in a 89 MJ 2.5 2WD

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I am going to post pics of stuff as i fab it up. The normal old stuff like gutting the 2.5, tranny and wiring harnesses I'm not going to worry about. Mostly what i will post is fabbing the steering column out of the TJ to fit in your MJ as well as the Inst. cluster. I am going to load the pics of the dash/inst cluster tonight when i get home got it done today fairly easy fab :thumbsup: .

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Wifes camera is being a pain, have to go to Wal Mart to print off the pics before I can download them, I don't understand it its her camera. :dunno:


I spent all day welding two stering coumns together and putting everything in the comanche. The 01 TJ cluster and steering column/wheel are now in and wired up. Turned the key and she fires, won't start till I put the TJ gas tank in maybe next weekend.

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The reason for the cluster and column is comunication with the computer. The sentury security system has the VIn burned into the computer and key. The column gives me cruise, all the hookups for the harness and once i get a replacement, an airbag! (Maybe i will maybe i won't havent decided if i want to run one yet) The tank is simple its a 25 gal tank that has the right fuel pump to run the motor, (single line system 30psi)


I don't know it all seemed good in my head and it worked but i know i could have saved myself alot of fab time getting the old crap to work but i would have spent alot of time researching wiring etc...


Once i get my axels under her (30 up front 44 in the back this weekend) she will be a one of a kind and well, mine just the way i wanted it. 8)

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The tank is simple its a 25 gal tank that has the right fuel pump to run the motor


Are you referring to the TJ tank? I am pretty sure they were somewhere around 15 gallons.




On TJ's - 15 or 19 depending on which option you got...almost all I've seen have been 19 gal

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