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Clutch Leak

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My clutch fluid is leaking latley and i have no idea where to begin looking for the leak. Some nights it will be fine driving around and i won't have to put any fluid in it. but other nights i will have to do it 2-3 times. any advice?

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The master cylinder have a bad history of leaking in the fuse box.


You could check under the dash on the firewall for leak around the clutch linkage.




You will find some oil on the pavement.


With an enternal clutch problem, you will find oil dripping from the bell housing.

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definately sounds like the rear seal on the clutch master is leaking then. Look under the dash, up above the fuseblock and you'll see the rod coming out of the back of the master connected to the pedal. Look for leakage where the rod enters the rubber bellows, I bet you'll find it's dripping. Needs to be fixed ASAP, as all that fluid is dripping down onto your fuseblock and slowly eating it and your fuses alive.



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Been forever since i had a chance to log on here and ive barley had time to look at my rig cuz its sitting on flats right now and well...life happens latley.


What i have been able to conclude tho is nothing is leaking on the fuse box and that hissing sound is coming from the brakes. I still can't find where the clutch is leaking :headpop: . Maybe i just need to drink a couple beers, relax then go check again. I bet it will be right infront of my face next time i look

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