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Comanches and Youtube


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Hey guys,


There have been some 'cold start' videos of some sweet trucks on youtube recently but there really aren't any of comanches...


any of you have cold start videos of your trucks? could be cool to post as comanches always sound sweet cranking and revving cold.



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say what? :hmm:



Why would anyone take the time to make a video of their truck starting up and revving just to hear it start when it's cold. Mine doesn't sound any different starting cold or hot to me... :nuts: :hmm: :dunno:

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A quick Comanche on you tube! 10.76 quarter mile? I reckon he must have the 2.8L under that hood! :yes:

Track side.

In cab.


i disagree. it sounds like a 2.5 with a throttle body spacer, header,3" exhaust, cold air intake, and some minor tuning. :rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2: :rotfl2:


so that tells me i can make my little 4banger like that. yipee!! :yes:

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