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  1. Thanks all - I guess I was mistaken but I thought that I was setting the choke with my two pumps before I crank?
  2. Hey all - I got an 86 almost entirely stock including the carb. For a cold start I normally pump it twice and give it a few more pumps as I start it until it fires. A buddy of mine was making fun of me saying I should have to give it any gas while I am cranking but I always have had to. I think my truck runs well though it is cold natured but is there something horribly wrong that I pump the gas as I crank it over? Thanks!
  3. I sucked at a goatee - was a bad shaver I guess. My Permastubble is great because it's neck only (worst part is Adam's apple and drawing a line between where my beard ends and my chest hair begins)
  4. That's always the worst when you have to shave a thick amount of stubble...
  5. Hahaha - haven't heard that one before. Permastubble is good for me as I could prolly stand to shave twice a day...
  6. I have the permastubble thing going on - the wife likes it and all I have to do is shave a bit of my neck each morning. I had crazy beard in college but had to go more conservative for the office...
  7. That's what I keep telling the lady...
  8. Yup - the lady told me it "itches" - and agreed, not sure where to stop. I like my chest hair - have had it since i was 17 and don't want to part but I like my lady too ;) No back hair luckily. And not touching the legs. i would always do this: http://static2.beanscdn.co.uk/modules/ems-v2/article/featured/wsrhewr.png.png so before i get rid of it, who wants to start the comanche chest hair competition?
  9. I just feel like there is too much to wax. No back hair luckily. I did win a hairy chest contest on a cruise! We should have one on here before I maybe get rid of it! Takers?
  10. Should have asked too - does it really grow back thicker? It's the last thing I need!
  11. californla

    Chest Hair

    I would imagine us Comanche guys are a hairy bunch but I was just curious if anyone shave, er, more than their face. Was considering doing it for the lady but didn't know what it would look like and if others did it. I am a pretty hairy guy so I welcome your views. Let the chest hair competition begin?
  12. I will have to try that Schick razor. I just want something that will keep a close shave all day long. As it stands now, by 3p or so I have a full beard so if I have a meeting at 5p, I have to reshave. Sucks to be a man in that regard. Also, similarly, the girl friend wants me to shave or wax my chest for an upcoming trip to the beach. I am not sure what to do... I always try to do what she wants in that regard but I am also a pretty hairy guy so that could be a painful process. Anyone ever shaved, ehrm, elsewhere?
  13. haha - when is retirement again? yes - well, i think i am going to stick with the Mach 3 for now even though its hella expensive. we are just lucky we only have to shave ours faces. not bad in the grand scheme.
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