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80% off edelbrock monotubes!!!!!!!!!!

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I don't know why they're so cheap, but they are excellent shocks.


I just ordered a pair of 6" XJ fronts for the MJ:

63509: Xtreme Travel IAS for 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ 2WD & 4WD 6" lifted, (Front) 63509 2 $64.95 $129.90 total.




I bent one of my RS9000's 10 years ago, and have been too cheap to get decent replacements (been using beefy, but ancient, Rugged Trail hydro's), till now. :cheers:


Thanks for the tip.


I should really pick up some non-remote res IAS's to replace the clapped out Doetsch's on my DD XJ too.......

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Measure, and order the custom sized ones.


I'm running Rancho 9010's on the rear of my MJ, been a good length for 4.5" to 6", or so for me.


The book lists 9010's as: 26.69extended 15.84compressed.


If you have 4.5"+, one of the Edelbrock's in that ballpark would work well.




just saw your sig, looks like you need something shorter.

Measure your shocks, or better yet, compress one side to the bumpstop, that (- a flub factor) is your new minimum compressed shock length.

You could also put a tie wrap around the shaft of your shock.

After a few days of driving (or better yet, wheeling), that will tell you how much your shocks normally collapse

Again, subtract a flub factor (so you don't bottom out your new shocks), and that's your new minimum length.

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would it be a problem if you have a cherokee with 4.5" to run 6" shocks? they're out of the 4.5" shocks and my friend jake wants these but just wants to know if it will be a bad idea to run 6.5".


he's not worried about over-extension on them as he can put limiting straps on.


(p.s. I ordered all cherokee 6" monotube xtreme travels about 10 min. ago. jamminz.gif I will re-work my rear mounts as needed to make these work, and I'm gonna put some 2" BPE's on the front so I can safely run the front ones with 6.5"-7" suspension)

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would it be a problem if you have a cherokee with 4.5" to run 6" shocks?


As long as your bumpstops stop the axle before the shocks bottom out, you're OK.


Using longer shocks with less lift can be used to get more droop, at the sacrifice of some up travel.


Good compromise for guys running bigger tires with smaller lifts (where your already running longer bumpstops for the amount of lift you have).

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