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cab corner body panels?

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here is the cheapest place I have found:


They are cherokee but if you get the ones for 2 door then you should have plenty of length to modify.


I was thinking I wouldn't find cab corners. The only comanche in a junk yard nearby is in terrible shape.

Anybody know off the top of their head if any vehicles which have them available are close enough that they could be made to work? Basically something with almost the same radius curve?

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I posted this on Pirate a while back:


Brand new ones (NOS) are less than $80 each:


Outer cab corners:


57000859 $78.21

Cab - Side panel - Side panel - Outer

Outer Left - Pick up, 1984-92 1984 - 1992



57000858 $78.98

Cab - Side panel - Side panel - Outer

Outer Right - Pick up, 1984-92 1984 - 1992


punch part numbers in here:





They suck to cut out, without ruining them, well worth the $80.


Looks like the website I posted has merged with another, and you can't directly punch in part numbers anymore (I couldn't atleast).


I've gotten MJ rockers & XJ rockers from these guys, so I know they *used to be* good (hopefully they still are).


If you can still get them for $80, here's what an NOS corner looks like (tucked away, and not for sale. :D )

Image Not Found

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Finding body parts is.......well....... :nuts:


Your best source is the junk yard :D


No one's mentioned this place, yet........Shermans


Here's another site that "might" have some parts......Mills


If your willing to learn........made your own parts, it's not that hard, and for some tips, check out his site........http://www.autobodystore.com/


For the price of a piece of sheet metal ($26) you can make alot of body parts out of one sheet :bowdown:


Most of the on line 'stores' use the same layout from Keystone, and it's hit and miss at it's best.......if you can set up an account at Keystone or Continental they might be able to track down some parts for you :dunno:

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