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Steering Damper Woes

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OK, was out this morning lubing the front end and noticed the steering damper/stabilizer was leaking. Piece of crap OEM part only lasted 18 years! I should sue.


So went to NAPA and got a new one (Rancho) and ran into a problem. I might be getting old and slow but I can't get the bolt out of the thing. Is thing pressed in or something?


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It's hard to bang it out when it's still on the vehicle due to the angle and the drag link flexing.


I took the drag link completely out of the Jeep, laid it on the ground supported by a couple pieces of wood, and one whack with a BFH popped it right out.

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Go to Autozone or Advance Auto parts, or any such store and borrow a pickle fork.




Pardon my ignorance, but I've never used a pickle fork. Are you saying to put the fork between the steering damper bolt and the center link and whack it with a hammer?

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