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93 to 89 wiring

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The bushing listed on Rock is probably for the axle end. You might get away with tightening it up on the frame end. Mine on my truck was lose, but when I tried to tighten it it started spinning at the frame end.. It turned into a big PITA to get that POS off....


:???: :huh???:

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Hey, haven't been on in a while. Quick one, to use a 93 xj for a doner for my 89 mj do I have to change the whole wiring haness?


If its a 4.0 you can use the old sensors and a combination of things off of each motor and not swap the harness nor computer. I am looking at this on my XJ. I am getting the info from a friend of mine so i can let you know when i find out whats involved. I also seen 2 write ups on it.



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My bad I didn't give much info on them. Both are four bangers , mj is two wheel drive,xj is four wheel drive. Mj needs whole front clip and doors .I was going to use one of my 84 xj's to build my mj. I picked up a 2000 xj in MA. for 3,500 in mint shape. Got my wife to finally stop driving the 93 , now I can use it for a doner. Hopefully when it warms up a bit I can throw some pics on here. Thanks again for the info guys

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