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4.5 or4.7 stroker specs

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Dino's stroker page (sample builds with estimated HP, no costs):



Try the project threads over at jeepstrokers. A couple of guys have long detailed threads with their parts lists and what they paid. Here's an example of one of the more detailed project threads:

http://www.jeepstrokers.com/forum/viewt ... p?f=8&t=71


If you haven't already spent some time over there reading (or better yet joining), i would highly recommend it.

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I total cost built mine for right at $1600


-junkyard block - $60

-Machine work (bore, hone, cam bearings, hot wash, and pressure test) with pistons - $500ish

-Crank - $200 new

-rods - $125 reconditioned, shot peened ect

-misc engine parts (water pump, oil pump, timing set, ect) - $200

-2000 intake - $25

-injectors - $50 - used LT1 injectors from a camaro

-oil, fluids, ect - ?


I have the reciepts in P-cola I will have a look at them when I get home from the holiday. It can be done for much less that you think without skipping steps. I reused my stock cam since it was the 1991 HO cam. Boss did a three angle and lapped the valves on the old head, he also re-seated and shimmed ll the springs and checked the head to be level, for free. I think some of those values are off, but the total build was right at that price, I will make a spread sheet when I get home and post it.


$1600 went from the blown motor to a running driving jeep.

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if you are looking to do this your self look at these dino's site, hesco and clifford should give you some ideas of what it would take :brows: then look at what the wolfpackjeeper provided as a rough list to go by and shop around your area to see what i cost to get some of that stuff done. for the price that your looking at there was a guy who has done a 4.5l stroker on the 4x4bc web site i think his name was bruce. and you may want to look at kits i got my from accurate power at the time they where selling them. what i did was do the research find out what it takes based on your budget. Good luck

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Hey. What be the cheapest cost to build a 4.5L stroker?

Ya'll are asking questions that there really is no straight answer to. The cost of building a stroker is going to have many variables such as what parts you need vs. what you have, what brand of parts you use, how much work you can do vs. what you have to pay to have done etc, etc...


I have seen strokers built for $1500 - $1800 and I have seen them go over $4000...


If you really want to get in to all the detailed info on what you need and costs, the better place for that is here... http://www.jeepstrokers.com/forum/ :cheers:

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