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Wheel studs replacement

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I lost a wheel due to my own error. I never checked the nuts after I initially put my aluminum wheels on. So long story short, I have a boogered up front hub that needs new studs.


What am I gonna need to do this? I might just take the 3 12pt bolts out of the back and just put on a new hub......


Any tips, tricks or hints? Thanks fellas. :yes:

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I was able to find replacement studs through an aftermarket supplier/store called Bumper to Bumper. They are Dorman part# 610-364. Anyone that carries Dorman stuff should be able to get them for you.


You can always replace the hub assembly, but that is going to be expensive just to replace studs if you don't need new bearings.

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I had to replace a stud I broke at Badlands torquing down the lug nuts. Got a good laugh out of my buddy when I went flying backwards.


But anyways, a new stud at Advance cost me I think $1.71. Three hits with a regular claw hammer (16 oz?) knocked the old one out, and I used a lug nut to pull the new one in. No need to remove the hub.


I still removed the hub afterwards, though, to take the dust shield off. I kept getting gravel stuck behind it up against the rotor.

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Okay......after fighting with seating the new studs, I paid out the $103 at o'reillys and got a new hub.......IT WAS FRIGGIN easy.

I was thinking the old one was gonna be a booger.......

Just want to make sure everything gets tight this time.


Thanks for all the help fellas.

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