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questions diesel engine swap

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Haven't done one yet, but my own options would depend on the drivetrain. Early with 3 speed auto could be swapped out for a VW Turbo Diesel from a Rabbit or early Jetta with the use of a 904 auto trans from a DJ5-G which came with the 2.0L Audi/VW/Porsche motor. (you'd have to swap the internals from an XJ/MJ 3 speed 904 to make it 4x4)

The engine cradle from the DJ would also allow you to set up the motor mounts pretty easily. Not 100% sure, but the oil pan should swap so you get the clearance from the front axle. DON'T try to put rack and pinion steering in though! :nuts:


If you have an AX-15 or AW4, a Toyota 2LT would be a better choice. It came with a Toyota version of those trans, and my measurements say the bells should swap, but I didn't check spline counts, etc.

There are other options, but these are the ones I've checked into so far.


Corrolla diesel MIGHT be able to bolt to the AX-5, but I haven't checked yet. The one I was going to test was bought out from under me.

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I've seen diesel pumps running gassers and gasoline pumps feeding diesels, so that's no big deal. Most diesels only run about 6-7 lbs on the lift pump, so you might need to regulate it down. Lift pump = electric, to get the fuel to the mechanical high pressure pump.

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