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fuel tank rust


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Had a driveabulity problem,the longer the truck ran the

worse it ran,til it would hardly accelerate at all.

Bucking and missing under acceleration.

Pulled the fuel pump yesterday,everything is

covered with rust,sock about plugged.

New pump,new sock,runs fine.But the tank is

full of rusty sludgy stuff,so it won't last.

Now,if I take the tank down,can I clean it acceptably

with say my pressure washer,and can I use a rust stop

product inside the tank?


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If your getting that much rust inside the tank, you need to find the source.


From the filler neck, or from the tank it's self, and if it the tank, it's not going to be much longer before you start loosing that expensive stuff that you "pump" into the tank :cry:


I know you don't want to hear it.......but time for a new tank.


But the good news........Raybuck Autobody Parts, have really good prices on New gas tanks ;)

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Actually.the outside of the tank,and truck for

that matter,are relatively rust free.

That's why I'd rather not replace it.

Unlike most of you guys,I'm in So Fl.,

the truck has been here it's whole life.

We don't get much rust like you do up north.

I think the main water intrusion is from wheeling,

every time I go I change engine,trans,transfer case,

both diff's if it's wet riding.Evidently some gets in

the gas tank too.I'll see if a vent hose might be cracked

or off.

Thanks for the advice. :cheers:

I'll try to find some Por15.

Never heard of it until I started Jeeping,anyone from

the south know where it's available?

Paging Dr. TAZ?

BTW.not trying to fudge.If it's too nasty I will gat a new one.

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