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D44 differences

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The width will vary among years/manufactures. If you don't get something close to the stock WMS of your MJ you'll have to either run spacers, or cut down the tubes etc.


Your best bet is to try to find an XJ D44. They are getting harder to come by and the price on them seems to keep going higher. But it will have the same WMS that you need and the only thing your going to have to do is re-weld on new spring perches.


You can also find D44's in Amigo's as well as older IH Scouts. The Scouts are the wrong bolt pattern and will require a set of spacers to get the WMS the same as the front D30. I don't know much about the Amigo D44's....

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True, but it is a fixable problem... Yukon will do chromos for about $250/set, so some 30 spliners of those and a locker of your choice... Problem solved and one better.


I'd watch the housings too. The XJ/MJ ones are good, but some of the other stuff uses thin/small tubes. They need a truss, which is more work.

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