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Full engine rebuild or partial?

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I've got a 91 2.5l that I'm fixing up. The engine had approx 230k on it but had really noisy valves and/or lifters. The oil in the pan was super clean and the cylinders look excellent. (pics below). My question is can I just rebuild the head and put new lifters on? I really don't see a need to do a full rebuild. The jeep was very well maintained by my father and didn't consume oil like other high mileage jeeps. Should I also pull the bearing caps while the pan is off?




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Looks pretty clean. I'd leave the bottom end alone, do a light clean-up on the valves, install new seals and lifters, and button it up.




however, I would pull the caps from the crankshaft (loosen but keep snug, then inspect one at a time) just to see if there is any wear marks...if there's wear and/or grooves on the cap-side of the bearing, then there will also be on the other side, and you need to do some work.


not sure if i'd bother with the rod caps or not...idk. probably would not simply cause then you need new bolts for them...

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