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1986 jeep comanche

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I'm not going to defend the 2.8L at all, but logic to me would say that it's easier/cheaper to probably fix the root of the problem with the cooling system than it would be to do a engine swap.


Any motor swap you do will require more than just putting the motor in. You'll need to tackle the wiring harness as well as probably the tranny/tc. Than you'll most likely need a different rear d-shaft based on what motor/tranny combo you have.

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My 1986 Comanche (2.8L) keeps giving me problems. I can start and drive for about 10 miles and it will start banging, like every tappit and/or lifter is coming loose on the inside. I will let the thing cool down for just a few minutes that then I can take off again. It does not do it every time, but it has me scared to drive it. It currently is a good driveway ornament.

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What engines are inter-changeable in 1986 Jeep Comanche, currently have a 2.8 v-6 and I need to replace. It keep getting hot.

93 to 95 camaro 3.4 v6 is a direct bolt in replacement and is a big jump in performance and reliability.

of course u could use the fuel injection that comes with the 3.4 and piggyback it on to ur curent wireing harnes but that may not be emisions legal , or u could ditch the problematic carb and upgrade to either a webber carb conversion , a holley 4v carb which will necessate the purchas of a edelbrock intake with the 4v top piece. those are just a few things that u could do

u can also swap in a camaro 3800 and its super easy and all this other jaz but... :roll: . o and welcome to the club :cheers: and its nice to see someone else with the 2.8 (well it used to be a 2.8 :brows: )


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