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Couple of Q's for you guys in the know from a newby.....

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Hi all, I'm a newby to jeeps in general and to North America and loving both. I posted a couple of pics over here :roll:


Couple of Q's for you........ :cheers:


Is it normal to have a minor gearbox rattle on these? I have an '86 V6 manual 5 speed. My local mechanic's opinion is that it's the input shaft bearing but I read in Jeep magazine an advert mentioning rattly gearboxes. I'm hoping it's normal as it's not an agressive or loud rattle and only appears when the motor is fully warmed.


And... what do you guys use and recommend as a good replacement front fender? I'm not planning on rock crawling, just gentle off road and forest trails. Something light that I can use for a tow out when I inevitably get stuck in the mud and maybe to mount a light duty winch on. The original has no where to even attach a tow rope except the running gear! :eek:


Thanks, L :wrench:

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Are you looking for a fender, or a bumper? Any place selling Certi-Fit body parts can sell you a fender. Try Quadratec, Keystone, or Sherman.


Rusty's and Custom 4x4 (a.k.a. C4x4) have front tow hook kits that fairly closely replicate the old factory tow hook setup. In fact, if you search hard enough I believe Keystone also offers the brackets, and you can use any hook. The C4x4 kit is a good start. Motion Off-Road may also have something.


However, if you're also thinking "winch," rather than spend money on tow hook brackets it would make better sense to just invest in a good winch bumper that also includes mounting points for either tow hooks or (better) D-rings.

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A-ha! I think a winch bumper is what I'm looking for then. Sorry, the language is new too! I was mistakenly think that fender is the same as bumper! :dunce: :D

Thanks for the info Eagle, I'll go and have a search for one of those :thumbsup:

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There is a fairly recent thread on here about front bumpers with a lot of good examples posted...


Ahhhh...found it for you... http://comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=11171


As for the rattle, I would be paying close attention to it as I have not heard of a rattling noise being normal from a gear box. I am believing that what you refer to as a gear box is a transmission to us so please correct me if I am wrong. If you feel any difference in shifting or performance...you could be in for trouble.

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If you go with a winch bumper just make sure it has a set of frame tie-ins and uses more than just the 3 original mounting points per side. Not all bumpers out there that are made to hold winches have the extra rear mounting point that is needed.


One of our favorite "cheap" one's is the C4x4 Front Tapered one. Well built, has the rear tie-ins and looks decent on the front of the MJ's as well.




http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index. ... cts_id=229



We've also had good luck with the XRC8 Winches if your looking for a cheap winch as well. 2 year warranty to boot!


http://motionoffroad.com/catalog/index. ... ucts_id=84



Biggest issue is getting these items to :Canadaflag: but rest assured we've sent many C4x4 bumpers to Canada without issues via UPS. Let us know if we can be of any further help.

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Great stuff, thanks for the replies guys. That's given me something to chew on. I do like your motion offroad version. Nice and simple with all the right structural elements.

Yes "gearbox" = "transmission" or "tranny" as some say which always makes us chuckle as it means something completely different back home! :D

Best keep one ear listening out for the rattle getting any worse then. It's been making the same noise for a while now so I'm gonna think positive! :thumbsup:

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