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The russians have some interesting things


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This machine is pretty cool... I like the start of the video in praticular.




This thing scares the crap out of me.




This thing is kinda funny, because it's not like the typical 6x6. The axle configuration means that it tends to sit on only 4 a lot of the time. However, it does appear to have a steering axle in the rear, so you have at least some directional control when the front tires come off.


http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=aYfd4muY1 ... re=related



Anyways, they're a bunch of :nuts:

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You realize fourwheeling in Russia is more or less a game than a pass time. The object is to get your vehicle to certain checkpoints and be able to touch your vehicle and the checkpoint at the same time. I have pictures of it somewhere on my computer.




It's a game here too... If you're into that. After all, what is WEROCK or anything else? We just don't do as much expidition style 4x4ing. Anyways, all that stuff was more military than anything, I think. Although the screw thing is just :nuts: . However, it does work for what they did with it.


I like some of their other stuff that I've posted in the past, like the north pole exploration vehicles. And the (not russian) tatras and some of the other 'big trucks'. There's something I find cool about a 5 ton vehicle trailblazing.



And that russian bodybuilder is kinda whack.

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And since I'm on the topic of weird russian stuff... I'll burden you with this video. Don't bother watching it all, it's kinda repetitive...




It's one of my company's russian built KA-32 Kamovs with a simplex tank. I've never worked on one of these machines, but someday I should have the chance. They're kinda maintenance intensive.


And I think we may be the only people in North America who are crazy enough to operate them.

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