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Help identifying something.

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Ok so I have been looking at this XJ in the junkyard and can't figure it out. I thought this was a hydroboost setup for the brakes, but after talking to some people it might just be the antilock. I am puzzled and hoped I could get some answers.


The piece just to the left of the master cylinder in the picture....



Also there is what appears to be an electric over hydraulic pump located on the passenger fenderwell. (center of pic) there are lines running from this to the item in the above picture....



Any input would be appreciated. :cheers:

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That looks like the Bendix 9 hydro-boosted ABS setup I had in my 91 XJ Limited...


And yeah, the parts aren't made anymore and it IS failure prone in a bad way... lose that hydro-boost pump and lose your brakes.


If any of those components work you could probably make some $$$ selling it on ebay.


When mine went I so desparately didn't want to retrofit a standard vacuum setup onto mine, so I went looking for parts. Heartbreaking.


I ended up pulling a standard vacuum setup off a 90 and pulling that ABS mess out.


It's a nightmare.

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How??? When I went to the Jeep dealer in SLC, Utah, they told me "No we won't fix it and no we can't get parts."


Wow my local Jeep dealer just sucks all the way around.


Hi, Norris,


Don't know how, but the Tupelo, MS, Jeep dealer repaired it. I left it at the dealership and picked it up in two days as good as new - NO CHARGE !!


This happened in 2004, maybe things have changed, but according to the recall on the link I posted, they HAVE TO fix it. I would look for another dealer.

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Recalls & warranties are only honored as long as the parts are available. While there are still a few parts still out there for these ABS systems, many of them have been discontinued and are gone so there is no way that a lot of the issues can be fixed any longer. I have come across two in the last year that I could not get what was needed for the repairs. The owners are left with the choice of removing the system or trashing the vehicle unfortunately.

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