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The 88 long bed with the new 37" Pit Bull Rockers

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Tires weight 72lbs each, wheels are 22. Internal Stauns add another 2lbs.

They are awesome! They hook up really well.

I wish they made 35x13.5, they only make 35x15.5 which is too wide.


They are great on rocks, and in the mud.

They clog up a little, but once you spin them

they fling out and work great.


I was runnin Iroks before, and I've climbed everything with these Rockers than I did with the Iroks, and they perform comparably.

Only difference is they lack sidewall lugs that the Iroks have,

but I didn't notice any lack in performance.


I run about 4-5lbs in them.

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Here are some pics of the bed. Literally... it's very easy to bob the bed.

Remove the bed. Figure out where the frame needs to be cut, and new rear crossmember welded in with the "Way Back" hangers used from RuffStuffSpecialities.com. Cutting in the correct location is crucial to have proper shackle angle. I used a YJ OEM front bumper for my new rear crossmember. Install Xmember, tow point... weld. Install bed.... cut to length. Patch bed ends and wire up some tractor lights... done.


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Thanks for the pics and info. Looks good can't wait till mines done. It's going in the garage tommorrow. I wanted to keep driving it but today I noticed it hiding behind a Kia in the parking lot and I can't have that. The one in my avatar went to the scrap yard (just the body) so I got a little 2 wheel drive to build.

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