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Found 4 results

  1. So I have a 95 dodge dakota sitting in my driveway, with a seized motor. I read somewhere that some dakota parts are interchangeable with MJs. Specifically talking about the fuel tank/sending unit. Can anyone confirm this? If not, is anything else on the dakota worth saving before I haul it to a scrap yard? My MJ is in need of a few minor things (antenna, parking break cable). Anyone know if any of those will work? I'm not sure exactly what year dakota parts are supposed to be interchangeable, as everything I have read just says "dakota". I would assume it would only be first gen dakotas though, in which case, I'm out of luck.
  2. Rebooting the previous thread as it was taken down by moderators. These parts were all looted off of a 91 Comanche and a 90 LWB Comanche, and were given to me in two totes. I am open to offers on ALL parts seen. Excuse the descriptions of items listed as I previously didn't know what they all were. Shoutout to Minuit for the help! All parts are located in Ucluelet BC Canada, and yes I'm frequently around Vancouver Island so a potential drop off can be arranged. If you need any more pictures of a part just ask. http://imgur.com/a/gf2Ew "Various pieces of junk" - Interior trim bezels for remote control door mirrors- $10 "Alien Device. Clueless" - Fuel sending unit- Make an Offer "Not even going to try this one" - Brake fluid distribution valve- Make an Offer "Modern Art Piece" - Clutch master cylinder- Make an Offer "Shock? Pump? Thing?" - Steering stabilizer- Make an Offer "No clue" - Brake fluid reservoir- Make an Offer- "Various plates in a bag?" - Brake pads- Make an Offer Gas tank and Skid Plate for it- Gas Tank-$60 Skid Plate Cover-Make an Offer ]Wheel Well Washer Canister- $20 4L HO Engine Parts + Fuel Injectors- Make an Offer Tail lights (Great condition)- Make an Offer Stock Bumper- $80 4 Jeep Rims- $100 Dual Leaf Springs (1780) With Preloads- $200 for the pair Tie rod- Make an offer Antenna- Make an Offer Fuel Filter- Make an Offer
  3. So, as some of you know, my MJ has a utility bed on it currently. Found out that it is partially welded to the frame, which is lame. Pics are in my build thread. I have a standard MJ bed on my project that I want to swap on, most likely. Or might even consider a flatbed of sorts. Anyways, for those of you who have done flat bed or other bed type swaps, what did you do for fuel tank mounting. I was thinking maybe just a couple pieces of steel running across the frame from side to side. Even if I swap a factory bed, I think it will make things easier overall. Thoughts, concerns, or constructive criticism? Thank you.
  4. As part of my build I deceided to take a look at getting my gas tank ready for installation (way down the road). I drained the old fuel, removed all the hoses, the sending unit, etc... and after taking it outside to flush it out I realized (for the first time) that it has a pretty big dent in the bottom of the tank. Since my tank is dented I'm considering replacing it with another used tank. If I replace it with another used tank, I'd love to find one that: 1. Has a larger capacity. 2. Isn't as tall. Ideally I'd love to be able to mount the tank between the frame rails. 3. Obviously the tank will have to be longer/wider to accomdate #1 and #2. Does anyone know of a tank that might fit my needs? Any tips/suggestions on what I need to know before doing this?
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