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Found 4 results

  1. Finally joined the Comanche club a couple months ago. This is a 1988 4.0 5-speed 4x4 with 180k on the odo. Exactly, what I had been searching for... a shortbed, 4wd, manual with a 4.0. Currently, I am wrestling with some electrical gremlins and goblins. Learning Renix has been interesting, to say the least. Not on the road just yet but, once I am finished sorting out the wiring it should be good to go.
  2. Hey everyone, new member here looking for a comanche. I actually owned one once before while in high school and it had a plow on it to make some money in the Mass. winters (where I'm originally from) but I ended up getting into a fight with my insurance company about it and couldn't get it on the road, then I had to sell it for some money for school. Fast forward to now and I found this awesome site full of comanche lovers! I'm looking for a pretty basic cheaper truck as I'm still in college, but I finally got some financial aid for next year and an internship this summer that pays well, so I have some extra money to play with. I'm looking for something road worthy, but it can be something I can work on while I drive. I'd love a 4x4 manual with the 4.0, but I'll look at just about anything. If you've got one in the $3,000 or less range, let me know cause I'd love to look at it. Thanks!
  3. As title says, Uwharrie trip Fri, May 30th - Sun, June 1st. If I don't work Friday morning, I'll be aiming to meet up at the Outpost at 11:00 am. Otherwise, I'll be out there later that evening. I'll be driving this XJ and my buddy Sam will likely be driving that Yota. My name is Shawn. PM if you want my number. Add me on FB for more updated trip event info. www.facebook.com/onlyinajeep726 Should be a good turn out.
  4. My dad and I took a trip out to Charlotte today to handle some business with his tenants at a rental place and on the way back home, we stopped off for lunch at Sonic in Harrisburg. Low-and-behold, a genuine Jeep Comanche was parked a handful of yards away in the next lot over, behind the Pizza Hut. I remember seeing it there last year as well when I still lived in Charlotte. Seems like it may be owned by an employee there. I grabbed a few pictures and was going to grab the VIN, but the VIN plate in the dash was missing. I think it may be an '87 because it still has the AMC branded seat belts but it was a SWB (so not an '86 at least). No idea if it was a 2.5L or 4.0L since the badges have been removed. I would've put a CC card under the wiper, but we were driving my dad's Volvo, so none to be had at that moment. Anyone on this forum own it by chance? I would have stopped in right quick to speak with you, but was pressed for time.
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