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  1. Have the rear bumper assembly and tow hitch still?

  2. It is number 7 of 100, has tan interior which is thrashed. Has 109 miles on the odometer. Folks says it was fired up a few weeks ago. But they are set at 2500 for it. I was telling the estate folks that if you can't get this running. It is looks pretty beat up the rear bumper is jacked up which does nto allow the tail gate to drop completly down or open. Funny thing these street comanches were produced in California but walking up to it I noticed a faded dealer sticker on tail gate showing it was at New Mexico dealership. Hummmm. For the seller asking/demanding 2500 for it, I believe in the condition it is in and don't even know it will pass smog, I would think no more than 500 for it. The license plate showed it was registered up to 2017 so there are past registration fees if it passes smog.
  3. Ordered a Tonneau cover from Tonnopro.com Got a trifold for a Ford Ranger 1982- 2013. Model # 42-304. Fits great! The rumor about Comanche beds not being square is true. The cover fits but you can see where the bed starts to get narrow by the tailgate. No big deal still fits and looks great.
  4. I will check my measurements about that wide difference. Question I have is do you know of a tail gate lock that will work? Second question,,,, Ummm what did you do with your roll bar? :hmm: :rotfl2:
  5. Oh your the MAN! That is exactly what i was looking for. I heard an S10 or S15 would work but too long by and inch. I'm ordering my soon. YOu saved me a heck of a lot of trouble! :bowdown: Now can you or do you know of a way to lock the tail gate handle itself? Or is there a tail gate lock that can be installed?
  6. I found this place on line. Looks more like the original for interior lighting http://www.euramtec.com/parts/c/c01/7180.html :wrench:
  7. Are you asking about a replacement for the stock pull handle, or are you looking for some kind of key lock to immobilize the handle? A lock to immobilize the handle. If i need to replace the stock handle with a handle with a lock on it, I'm ok with that.
  8. Does anyone know of a brand or comparable tail gate lock for the Comanche? :wrench: I've looked at Pop & Lock Tailgate Locks but can not find one for a Comanche
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