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  1. Finished my rollbar. Now it screams 80’s. Really happy with the way it came out.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it. Here’s the finished project.
  3. Thanks everyone! Rollbar with daylighters is almost done…that’s next.
  4. Looks like a great father/son project! Congrats on finding it and giving it some attention. They’re getting harder to find out there.
  5. Widened the bar 7 3/8”. It’s getting there.
  6. Keep in mind two things. 1) I’m not making this to save myself in the event of an actual rollover B) I’m not a welder but I own a $99 Harbor Freight welder and a grinder. And some bondo. Some progress. Cut the bar all up and measured and test fit and measured and measured and guessed a little and cut, inserted and welded, ground, and bondo-ed. Still have a lot more work to do.
  7. Gave up on locating a factory SWB roll bar Found a late 80s Toyota rollbar on Craigslist. It’s about 8” too narrow and 1” too short. Ordered up some 3” tube to make up the difference. Then I cut the down tubes and and plan on swapping them left to right so they slant inboard, instead of outboard. I’ll post up more pics as I make progress. Using some frame mounts I bought from a member here.
  8. I discovered that one of my connectors on my ignition switch had severely melted at some point in history. I went to the junk yard to pull another connector and noticed the exact same thing on the same terminal, though not as severe. Anyone have a clue what’s causing this and how I can prevent this from burning my beloved Comanche to the ground?
  9. That’s pretty cool! Thanks!
  10. Thanks guys! Installed my NickInTimeDesign REM today. Mounted it just above the power/comfort switch that I never use and ran the CAT5 cable through an existing plug near the master cylinder.
  11. Took your advice, just arrived yesterday. Can’t wait to get it installed to see what’s going on behind the scenes in Renix world. Thanks especially to Nick. Most of this tech is way over my head and for a kid growing up in the 80s the idea of 3D printing alone still blows my mind. This REM is amazing and he should be proud of himself.
  12. Thanks for taking the time to share this. Saved me time and money.
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