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  1. Well it wasn't a movie but I remember watching a TNN show called TRUCKING U.S.A. Staring Ed Bruce where he drove one for the first season, I think it was in 89. Was the first show I remember seeing staring a Comanche just a few short years after buying mine. I was young and thought it was cool!!
  2. Nice progress!! Can't wait to see more, good work on the brake lines, I bet you could have gotten a couple of more miles out of those shoes. Wow those were BAD!
  3. Well that stinks!! I also think drag link or possible tie rod. I had mine bend from hitting a curb after being forced of the road to avoid a crash when it was almost new. As an original owner myself I was wondering if you would post a picture of your well cared for truck?
  4. Wow not bad at all for the price. Looks mostly intact and not to rusty how are the cab floors? Nice find!! Any plans for it?
  5. Well I don't have a picture but I have a full console out of an XJ and the control is below the storage lid to the left of the parking brake handle. If you still want a picture i can get you one a little later today. Hope this was helpful.
  6. Ok now I can see the overspray. But who cares still a very nice truck, just as clean under the hood. If owners had them painted once most would be in better shape now mine included. Wish I would have painted it 15 years ago.
  7. That's nice I did a brush on bed liner on mine back when it was new and then added a rubber bed mat, it has held up surprisingly well. That is a beautiful truck enjoy.
  8. Wow would never have guessed it had that many miles on it. Very clean. Nice survivor. That patina makes it a classic. People pay extra for that!
  9. I would follow that down the road (from a safe distance) just to see the wreck cause it's not if but when it will happen. Reminds me of some of the stupid things I did when I was younger.
  10. That is a very nice truck interior looks as good as the outside! Nice headliner repair. How many miles does it have?? More pictures?
  11. Would be fun to have i could park it next to mine and have a before and after. This one would have to be the before!! Mine definitely the after.
  12. So using that figure and my ability with simple math that means your $12,000 truck in 2020 money's would be $27,945.60 !!! Wow ain't inflation great.
  13. Well yes get your personal stuff worked out first there will always be time for more Jeeps or whatever else you want later when you can enjoy it. Good luck and I hope you can make your dreams happen. Sounds like a great life adventure.
  14. Nice, hopefully it will be with someone who will want to join here. Congratulations!!
  15. Agreed Stock is good. Nice to hear that there's already a lot of modified MJ's out there you could buy if that's what you wanted. Any driveable MJ is a good thing.
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