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  1. now that I know I am looking for "SOA", a bunch of posts came up in my search. Huge amount of information...........again thx Pete M
  2. Thx Pete M for your response I should of mention, I’m using a 8.25, therefore I have all the brackets/ plates to bolt up. I’m curious about switching the leaf bolt around. I'm going with the disc brake mod with plates from a Grand Cherokee, so I’ll need to change the lines anyways.
  3. I have a donor 97 XJ, so I’ll be installing a 8.25 rear axle. My question is...what needs to be modified on the rear springs to install the rear axle under the leaf springs
  4. does anyone have info/ pics of doing the rear under spring mod...........I see Rusty's has a suspension lift kit to do that
  5. Can you help me with a build thread on converting my MJ from a under axle to an over axle and if its doable? thx .
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