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Found 3 results

  1. after removing center console on my 94 xj I found these 3 nylon pieces. 2 look like screw retainers and the other looks like a bushing. I not entirely sure if they came from the center console, and can't seem to find anything that they will fit. I have poured over illustrations and parts manuals and can't find any references that help. I was hoping someone here will recognize these parts and tell me what they were used for. getting ready to put everything back together. thanks 1994 xj 2 door, 2wd, 6cyl, at, dealer installed cc, ac
  2. This is a thread dedicated to my at-home overhaul of some 2wd MJ leaf springs I'll be using for an SOA conversion. I'm into restoration type work opposed to full-on replacement if possible. First I scored some junkyard springs with a nice protective layer of gear lube/dirt on them :yes: The at-rest arch measurements were within 1/8" of each other, so even if they're not perfectly up to spec. they should at least be equal. First step was to cut away what was left of the shackles and the bolt/spacers at the top of those clamp thingeys (wish I would have thought to keep the stock shackles around... oh well.) The clamps look to be riveted to the main leaf so unless I discover a problem further down the line I'll just be leaving them attached. Correction: 3rd leaf, not main leaf (thanks Eagle) It looks like I've found the replacement plastic wear pads: http://replacement-pak.com/ They sell on ebay. I'll be coating the contact surfaces with this stuff: And likely spray-bombing the final assembly with some semi-gloss black.
  3. So... was crawling around under the XJ yesterday and noticed the my driver side UCA bushing sleeve (axle side) has slid over and is not centered like it ought to be. Tried using a long pry bar to pop it back in place, to no avail. Figured the fact that there's a lot of weight riding on the front axle, it probably is impossible to just pop it back in like that. Anyway, how could I get it back in place short of unbolting it and busting out a BFH? Can I even unbolt it while it's parked on the ground or would it be safer to do by jacking it up?
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