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  1. I went to visit a friend and it rolled over just as I pulled up at his house. On the way back, I drove it maybe 20 yards up the street to get things lined up and just stopped and took the picture. Worked out well!
  2. Done! Thanks for the pointer. A great thread I somehow missed!
  3. Thanks Fiatslug87 for pointing me to this thread. So glad to meet kindred spirits! Bought my '89 Pioneer on May 30, 1989 at Pope Jeep outside of Atlanta Georgia. I was going to graduate school in the fall and my parents kindly offered to help me buy a new car and thereby not spend so much time working on the various old cars I drove in college. It is 4WD with the short bed, 5 speed, and "Pioneer Package II" as I recall the salesman telling me, which included the bucket seats and skid plates. Like Original 87, I still have all the original paperwork, window sticker, key knockouts, dealer keytag with the stock number, etc. The original ignition key wore out, but I still have 3 of the 4 original keys. As I posted in the earlier thread, it just turned 300,000 miles this week. For the first 8 years, I was living in the Southeast and driving a lot to visit family, girlfriends, etc, so I put 20,000 miles on it every year. Then I moved north, first to Champaign-Urbana IL, then to Chicago, then to Long Island. I always managed to live very near work, so the miles per year dropped considerably. In Chicago, I walked to work so it spent most of its time parked, though a few years of parking on Chicago streets took a toll. Now it and the motorcycle are my primary vehicles. As for stories, I mentioned this thread to my wife before I read all of it, so to ensure domestic tranquility I probably should stay away from tales of activities in the back. But I can tell the story of a near disaster. When I was getting ready to move from Champaign to Chicago, I somehow got it in my mind that it would be best to sell the truck as it had about 190,000 miles on it and I wrongly assumed it was tired. Champaign is in the country, and I figured that an old truck would have more value there than in the big city. Indeed, I found a beautiful 4 year old car at a good price on a dealer lot, and the salesman made a nice offer on the Comanche saying that hunting season was coming up and he would have no problem selling it. We agreed on a deal, but I wanted a good test drive and to have my local shop give the car a look. The dealer said sure, and that if anything were found we could renegotiate the price. With a sinking feeling, I handed the guy my keys and took off in that car. Well, God smiled on me that day. I drove the car about 15 miles and as I got close to the mechanic, the darn thing threw a connecting rod! I felt an amazing happiness and sat there laughing and crying tears of joy for something like 20 minutes. People would drive by and look at me, and then would not stop as they must have thought I was crazy. It was much like the Charlie Brown movie in which Snoopy feels he should go back to his first owner, but is then overjoyed to learn that dogs aren't allowed in the owner's building. Truly a unique experience. I got the car cranked and limped on to my mechanic. He called the dealer and explained the situation, and they said they would send a tow truck. I went back with the car, expressed sorrow to the dealer for what happened, grabbed my keys, and took off like a bat out of hell never looking back. Disaster narrowly avoided! Attached are a snap from this morning and one of the odometer the other night. I love the look of the original fading paint, but surface rust is a problem. So I applied something I learned from the Gas Monkey Garage and had it clear coated a few years back. Also, hate to be redundant with my other post, but for completeness I'll note that I had to have a new clutch at about 230,000 miles and went ahead and swapped the BA 10/5 transmission for an AX-15. That necessitated a Novak Conversions transfer case shifter (that works beautifully). Also I recently had to put in a JP5A gas tank and an XJ fuel sending unit when I could not find an MJ sending unit, a solution found in the Club. Other than that and a little rust repair, it is stock. As Original 87 said: Thanks to all the people in this Club lots of good and useful information here!
  4. This isn't a quite a build story so I hope this is the right forum. It is more a evolution story. I bought my MJ new back in 1989 and it has been my daily driver pretty much since then. My wife bought a new truck a couple of years ago and we kept her XJ, so I allowed my MJ to retire from snow (hence salt) duty. It is mostly stock, with the main exception being a upgrade to an AX-15 from the B/A 10/5 about 10 years ago. I also had to put in a JP5A gas tank and an XJ fuel sending unit a couple of years ago. I learned about that swap here, so thanks! Also, the finish is well past its prime, so to preserve the patina I had it clear-coated a few years back. What motivates me to post is that it recently reached the milestone of 300,000 miles. Still going strong on the original engine. Never even had the head off! Can't complain about 32 years and 300,000 miles of great service. What would I say is the trick to keeping an MJ going? Proper maintenance, putting in good, preferably Mopar, parts, though those very hard to get now, and washing frequently in the winter to de-salt. But the most important part is to enjoy it, be it 4-wheeling, snow drifting, or just its nimble handling on a curvy road. It really is a fun truck. Thoughts and tips most welcome!
  5. Finally following up- 2+ years and all is well. The only issue is that the fuel light comes on after burning about 13 gallons. I have not tested whether or not I can keep going a while.
  6. Thanks, hetdjc320! I did not know Novak made radiators and missed that in my search. Will look at them, too. I read a few reviews of Mishimoto that suggested it might not be an easy fit. How was the install for you? And to all, to be sure, in what I wrote above asking about the csf 2572 I did not mean to imply that it is among cheap radiators. The last three I have had were plastic and aluminum and only lasted two years. The 2572 being made of brass, etc, looks like it might be a good option.
  7. Following on up the csf 2572- how did your radiator work out, Mark? My 3rd cheap radiator in the last 5 years has just started leaking, so I am looking around.
  8. Thanks, Minuit! Again, I am learning things. It is so much better that I imagine all I need to do is check the fluid. But if not, I know what to do. FWIW my mechanic is good and the reason I go to him is his gentle hand. Some who have worked on my Jeep have been rudely destructive. So I'll forgive this one! Thanks!
  9. I think you got it! I have never heard of air being an issue in power steering lines, but the more I drive it, the better it seems to get. So that would make sense. Thanks! I learned something. Alan
  10. I need help with a bizarre problem. I had the power steering lines in my '89 Pioneer replaced today owing to a leak. My mechanic could not get Mopar parts so we had to go with aftermarket. After the repair, I have a weird problem. At low RPMs, under 1000, the power steering no longer gives an assist. If I make a low-speed maneuver like pulling into a parking space, the steering takes considerable effort as it the power steering was not providing any assist. It feels exactly like the engine has stalled in that I normally notice the lack of power steering first when that happens, but the engine hasn't stalled, it is just idling. I have not driven it very far, but it is difficult as I am constantly reacting as if the engine stalled and it is hard to steer. Has anyone seen anything like this? My mechanic said that he could replace the pump and/or steering box, but those were fine before the line replacement so that is out. My guess is that the aftermarket lines are the wrong diameter so that there is too much or too little flow resulting in the wrong pressure. Any recommendations for good aftermarket lines? Re-replacing them is my best guess as a start. Ugh. Thanks for any advice! Alan
  11. Hi, All, An update- I went with option 4 after the rest didn't work. My mechanic tried fixing my sending unit, but that did not work as it seemed the meta was fatigued. So far everything works well. Thanks, TexanEliminator! The one thing that seems strange is they had to swap the wires on the fuel pump. The mechanic tested it and got bubbles, but the swap fixed that. The plug fit, but somehow the voltage to the pump was backwards. Just got it back this evening, but it seems fine. Will post any update. Thanks, All!
  12. This is the problem I am having, and I am proceeding as per this very helpful discussion. I have searched in vain for even a used assembly, but I am still keeping an eye out for one. Here's my plan of attack: 1) Take the unit out, inspect it, particularly the push nut on the wire seal. If it looks ok, tighten the push nut and maybe add some epoxy and put it back together with a new O-ring. (H0rnbrod's suggestion). I found a NOS Mopar O-ring and NAPA had one, too. 2) If I find something bad, try to harvest parts like the wire seal from the equivalent XJ assembly that one can get but won't work for the MJ. I have a Spectra Premium one and have ordered the Delphi version mentioned in mrmel2you's post. 3) If parts from the XJ version won't work and I find a used one, give that a try. 4) If that fails, I will try the Delphi assembly with the JP5A tank TexanEliminator mentioned. I have ordered the tank. I can imagine that without an internal pan the fuel pump assembly will fit in the tank, but the question I haven't resolved is if one should be sure that the end of the assembly is on the bottom of the tank. Did you check that, TexanEliminator?
  13. Thanks for the update TexanEliminator. If I understand your post correctly, that combination of tank and sending assembly, while not listed as for an MJ, worked for you. And this is because the tank does not have an internal plate, so the sending assembly can go in even if shorter? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the question and suggestion. Added a sig. If I did that right, we should see 1989 Pioneer short bed Original 4.0 nearing 300K miles 5-speed upgraded from BA 10/5 to AX-15 in '08 Bought new and still driven most days twice.
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