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  1. Hey I'm selling my grandpa's 1987 Comache Laredo 4x4 and figured I'd post it up here too. I'm selling the whole truck as is, no part outs. $2000 or best offer. My grandpa is the original owner and bought it off the lot. He keeps mentioning something about it coming with the off road package. Straight 6, automatic, 4x4. I have a stack of documents detailing all work ever done on it. 125360 mile on it. Needs quite a bit of work but it runs. I non-opped it because I planned on selling it. Here's my craigslist add I found the hub caps in the back while cleaning it out. Grandpa also has the original role bar at his place up in the bay area we can throw in too. there I think this post meets all the requirements. EDIT: Sold today for 1800.
  2. I'm a little late to the party but https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsfIjK5sy9Upzcf316Xpytw Great advice on everything really...
  3. Today, I showed it to some one who was interested in buying it but they didn't bite. So now I'm putting it back up on craigslist.
  4. thanks, like the guy above I'm in need of some power tools. Hopefully it's still valid.
  5. Hmm. Well I'm too lazy to try that on mine, plus I'm getting rid of it soon anyway.
  6. I just uploaded to imgur.com. right clicked the specific photo i wanted to link then hit "copy image address" pasted that and it showed right up.
  7. CA here. They wanted $168 plus smog for my Grandpa's 87. I non-opped it for 21 bucks until i figure out what I'm doing with it.
  8. I'm dealing with this now. i think there is a compress photo option in paint or photo viewer but I'm not finding it yet.
  9. Test two. Edit: Neet. works.
  10. Okay test test here's my truck, test.
  11. My 87 does the same thing. I had to take it in for the chirp and a knocking sound that was apparently caused by an idler pulley going out and was told that because that pulley was loose the belt lost tension and got dirt or dust underneath it. I replaced the idler pulley and they wiped down the belt but the chirping is still there and it drives me nuts for the first 20 minutes of commuting. Did you buy a new belt and did that get rid of the chirp?
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