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  1. Fenders are sold, trim pieces still available
  2. vent trim is still available, Roblesland didnt end up wanting em! :)
  3. Yea maybe if they specified exactly what heavy duty meant in this application id be more on board. As for reliability they do have a 1 year warranty so if anything goes wrong they should replace it for me, and seeing as how this aint my daily all I'm out for is time if that happens. Id definitely buy new if that was possible but i was under the impression those are no longer around
  4. Curious if anyone has any experience with this company: https://spprecision.com/products/ax15-transmission-for-sale.html To me it seems like a much better deal than having my current one rebuilt by a shop as this one claims to use "special heavy duty" parts. 1 year unlimited mile warranty comes with it which is nice as well.
  5. sent you a message JeepNut :)
  6. thats what i was worried about but it looks like its been merged well enough that its not too confusing lol
  7. Alright, so here's the current plan of action, I found a shop (Letzroll offroad) that is going to most of the work i.e. gears, welding on the truss, all the stuff i don't feel comfortable doing. They gave me a pretty reasonable quote so I plan on having them redo all the axle seals, install 5.13 Yukon gears front and rear, install chromoly shafts front and rear, install Lockers front and rear (still deciding what kind), weld the Artec truss on, weld the Artec high steer arms on the knuckles, drill out the front hub/rotor to match the rear 8x6.5 pattern, and install the SYE kit for my t-case. its gonna be a pretty penny but at least itll all be under warranty for a little bit and I won't have to worry too much. Once thats all done its all down hill as the rest is cake. I'm gonna order new rear leafs from general springs, gonna order the front coils, order frame stiffeners, brake lines, shocks, steering and a few other things and once it all arrives its gonna be time to throw it all on. My goal is to finish this escapade by the end of the year and bring my truck to Glamis with a few buddies but we'll see if thats actually possible the further down this path we get. The IRO 3-link kit arrived so in the meantime ill install that! (and yes ill post plenty of pictures after theyre on) Oh and big thanks to @thecodemonk for helping me with figuring out what parts i need as hes using the same axles i plan on using
  8. So in light of me finally beginning to build out my truck with 1-tons and 37s, I decided to go out with some other Jeep buds and get fancy photos taken of my truck taken in front of Four Peaks in AZ so that I have a "before" reference. Ill post em side by side after the project but here's what we took (bonus points if you get the references): Bonus TJ and XJ To add, here's some photos I took when I went out to Bulldog Canyon in AZ with my uncle and the 1969 Nissan Patrol we built together: After this trip I discovered I had destroyed a wheel hub and to be honest I'm surprised my wheel was still on because you could wiggle around like a loose tooth when it was off the ground. This is the friend with the white XJ demonstrating the amount of play my very destroyed bearing had: Snapchat-240181085.mp4
  9. Ended up ordering the Re-wiring kit from Ksuspensionfab to hunt down my bad ground and upgrade my electrical in the process, its a pretty sweet kit and super easy to follow instructions so ill post on that when I finally get around to doing it!
  10. here's the pics of the carpet back panel:
  11. Found a junkyard MJ in pretty good condition (except for the smashed front end) and pulled some stuff off I could use and then some that i figured others could use. (SOLD) This one is for you rust belt guys, some pretty great condition fender flares, Inner/Outer pieces and the metal brackets that go with them. The metal brackets arent too bad just some calcification and surface rust, but the bolts all did snap as I removed them so theyll need to be drilled out to be useful. All in all nothing too bad though so I'm asking 100$ for each fender + shipping, or if you buy them as a pair $175 + shipping. I am missing the middle metal piece on one of the sides so I'm going to go back this weekend and see if I can find it cause it probably just dropped and I didnt notice it. here's some pics: Next up ive got some exterior vent trim pieces and I think $50 + shipping is a good price as theyre in perfect condition: Lastly Ive got the back carpeted panel that goes below our rear windows (not sure exactly what its called) but $100 + shipping and its yours. I'm out of room to add photos so ill add them below this post. Send me a message if youre interested and if I end up deciding to sell more ill add it here!
  12. Looking to go through my electrical system a little bit as I recently replaced my alternator and the new one is still only reading about 13v at load, I was thinking This kit would work as I'm sure my issue is poor grounds/corrosion somewhere and this would be a good solid starting point to clean it all up, does anyone have any experience with this kit or maybe another that you know works well? I just chose this one because its the first to come up in google and mentions having a longer negative battery terminal cable to ground on the chassis instead of the fender.
  13. This is pretty much the plan, I ended up buying them for a whopping $1200. The front is a Dana 60 out of an '05+ f250 SuperDuty and the rear is a '05+ GM 14 Bolt. Theyre both completely stock so my next plan of action is to plasma cut/grind off all the old ford radius arm mounts and do as much prep work as possible so that after I order the Artec Industries Truss, I can take it to a shop to get welded on. Once that's complete ill probably order chromoly shafts and get the hubs re-drilled. Once THATS completed ill have to look into knuckles and high steer. My plan is to still use the Ruff Stuff 7/8" Heim kit but I'm still trying to decide if I want to use the Artec Crossover Weld on Arms or something like the Reid Racing Heavy Duty JK Knuckles. After all that I still need to get brakes, gears, tires blah blah blah the list goes on. It will be a long (and expensive) road but I'm locked in now and my MJ will have tons hopefully by the end of this year. I'm really taking my time to find the right parts because I want this to be as solid as possible so that I never really have to worry about breaking anything ever again. Here are some pics of the Axles and after loading them into my MJ i need to take an outside pic of how much my truck is sagging. Them suckers heavy!
  14. My bad I got confused, he does have a 10.5 sterling but I plan on nabbing the 14bolt instead haha
  15. By the way i should clarify, my goal here is to build out my truck while keeping as much of the unibody intact as possible, I don't plan on cutting the rear bed fenders if I don't have to so if 37s end up being too big I'm fine with 35s.
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