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  1. I'm usually free on weekends I'm sure eaglescout will keep me posted!
  2. He already tried to trade trucks with me so he could work on fixing all the stuff on mine lol
  3. Yup theres people all the time who drive with those lights on (mostly lifted trucks that don't know what theyre doing) But I'm still smart enough to only use em when I'm camping or on the interstate. Along with that the tint laws here are pretty lax as well. The church I used to work for had an officer on campus during services and so I asked him about tint once because my Tacoma was "more than the legal limit" and he said they really don't stop anyone specifically for tint since the sun is so bright around here but if you get pulled over for speeding or something it can be something they decide to hit you for if youre just being a jerk to them about the situation.
  4. heyy glad you made your way over here! (I'm the guy from reddit who directed you here lol)
  5. I'm pretty sure this isnt even a MJ specific thing it's just jeeps in general:
  6. WHOO!!! ya finally made it!!! If anyone deserves it it's you, you care so much about your truck and put so much effort into keeping it stock it's crazy. (A good crazy)
  7. Pretty much this, I only plan on using them when I'm camping or offroading at night. I think I won't worry about the switch right now and just have it wired so that they come on with my highbeams as the only time I would have those on is if I'm doing the previously stated activities. After following the leads from the switch in my dash down to the fuse box it looks like the terminal was never installed or removed so I think if I want power to that switch Ill have to figure out how to get all that back. No big deal in the end my truck is in need of rewiring badly so maybe once I get around to that Ill fix it.
  8. hmm I'm not sure i follow, so you splice a wire into the parking lights wire so when theyre on the switch is being fed power?
  9. Thanks Ill be sure to look at that, but the fogs only come on when theyre plugged into that certain port on my harness. When theyre plugged into the port thats connected to the switch in my cab they don't come on at all.
  10. This thread has been helpful, I have the exact same problem and usually solved it by putting a rag on the floor so it didn't pool up on rainy days or at the car wash lol. AC condensate drain was the ticket for me
  11. So thanks to @eaglescout526 I got myself some fancy new Hella 550 lights. However after getting them all wired up I realized they only come on with my highbeams. No problem that just means I had the terminal in the wrong slot on the harness, so I pulled it out and plugged it into the right one, only now they don't come on at all. I know theyre working because they come on when plugged into the highbeams slot on the harness, so I took a volt meter and tested the slot thats connected to the switch in the cab. The reader beeped when the switch was on and stopped when I flipped it off, so this tells me that it is making a complete circuit. However when I check to see what kind of voltage its reading at, nothing comes through at all. So I know my lights work, I know the switch works, but the switch isnt getting the power it needs to flip the relay to give the lights power. Any advice on where to look to get this fixed would be helpful, Its also worth noting I'm using a 1996 XJ fusebox and harness setup.
  12. ay thanks, you gotta come to a meetup with @eaglescout526and I sometime!
  13. 11/10/2019 First off thanks to @eaglescout526 for giving me these Hella 550 driving lights, I think they look great on my truck and after a few hours of messing around with wires I got them up and running! I also cleaned out my cluster gauges while I was installing the relay switch in the dash and they look brand spankin new.
  14. I posted these pics on Instagram too and everyone was commenting on the ST sticker, i had no idea they were still so popular lol. I saw them last year with my dad and I loved it, Psycho Mike is as old as my dad but hes still up there on stage running around like hes young
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