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  1. ill have to try that, if i were to guess id say its probably 3.55 but ill definitely find out
  2. i know about the low rpm performance, but on the highway she struggles to maintain even 55-60 so i was thinking if its not opened all the way that could be the culprit. and yes I feel like 18-19mpg is insane for this truck since my old one got 16-17ish, although this one is a manual so maybe thats why.
  3. i do not believe so, I bought it after the swap and I can't find any information on if it was geared up other than the fact that 1st gear is so low that i normally start in second, I'm able to let off the clutch in first without giving it any gas, and ive climbed some steep hills with no effort at all, and I shift into 5th gear at 45mph. All of that points to low gearing to me but like I said I'm not 100%
  4. So I discovered after having someone press in my gas pedal all the way, that my throttle body can still open about a good 1/4th (maybe even a half) inch further. Is this normal because I don't feel like it is and it would explain why A.) Ive been averaging about 18-19mpg, and B.) Why my truck is so gosh darn dirt slow. How would I go about adjusting this as ive never dealt with any throttle stuff before.
  5. thank you for even specifying the part number, I'm definitely going to be replacing that asap
  6. If you did id be eternally grateful, gotta rep the forums!
  7. June 12th 2019: I did what most people on this forum can only dream of achieving. I located and purchased an OEM (as far as I can tell) Comanche long bed camper shell! Its in great condition, fits snugly and it only cost me 300$. My plans with this shell are to get it all sanded down and spray it with some quality black bed liner to match the other black accents on my truck. I might also look into lizard skin coating the inside to make sure the temps don't get too high since I do live in AZ and black is the worst color for heat. My only regret with this is that now my Comanche Club sticker is all covered up but maybe that gives me an excuse to not have it on all the time.
  8. New taillights, fix a cooling issue (she gets really hot in the AZ sun I'm talkin 235-240) and maybe get some beefier axles and a spring over axle lift kit. Engine is pretty solid for the most part luckily.
  9. May 27th 2019: Next up was something I was so glad to get done, the exhaust. Previously the exhaust was cut out right behind the catalytic converter which meant inside the cab it was nearly impossible to talk to the person next to you. I fixed this by clamping on a flowmaster muffler and using alfa romeo exhaust pipe (idk either my uncle had it in his garage and said I could use it) I piped it all the way to the back of the truck where not only does it sound very nice, but the droning noise from the engine is finally gone. Id like to preface these photos with the fact that I attended welding classes for two years of my life, but the harbor freight welder I was using refused to cooperate and the end result wasnt so pretty lol.
  10. May 19th 2019: Crucial frame structural integrity and flex testing, very important. Passed with flying colors.
  11. May 15th 2019: Truck felt a little slow so I added some decals for +5 HP.....jk, I just thought it looked much better like this. Decals came from prop_kulture on ebay and they fit perfectly! (I did mess up one of the e's though but thats on me) I also found some really tiny hooks at my work that I thought looked funny so I put them on for laughs.
  12. May 12th 2019: First up on the list was restoring the badges to their former glory, I did this by masking off the chrome, lightly sanding down the black border and then just hitting it with a layer of glossy black spray paint and letting it dry. After I attempted to buff and polish the chrome bits with what I had on hand and stuck them on using 3M emblem adhesive. I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out!
  13. I decided it was finally time to start one of these for my truck since every day it seems like I'm adding more and more things and I want to make sure I keep track of when I did it. to start, here's some info on good ol' Graham Cracker: 1986 Jeep Comanche "Graham Cracker" 4.0 High Output I6 / AX15 transmission / NP231 t-case / Front Axle is a Dana 30, Rear Axle is a Dana 35 Build date: 3/19/86 Current Location: Chandler, Arizona Status: Daily Driver and weekend rig So this is my second Jeep Comanche. I foolishly traded my old one for a Honda Accord in an attempt to get better gas mileage and have regretted my decision ever since. I'm not kidding either ask anybody around me and not a single day passed where I didnt bring up my old "Dusty Duchess". I missed it so much that I sold a perfectly good toyota tacoma with barely 100k miles (30k of which were from me) and bought the best looking MJ I could find. That brings us to what I have today; body and Chassis are the 86 Comanche MJ, literally everything else is out of a 1996 Cherokee XJ. Over 10k in this truck and it runs strong. 4.5 inch procomp lift (not spring over axle) sitting on 31's. Long bed with a JCR steel bumper and historic plates. Original 10 slot grill with an all black/tan interior, american racing wheels, and the underside is bedlined to prevent rust/debris damage. Hood has hood pins instead of a latch, and theres an electric fan installed. The paint job is Maaco but its the most expensive package so here's to hoping it will last more than 2 years. Pictures below are from the day I first took it home on May 4th 2019!
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