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  1. just super glue some Popsicle sticks to the frame for reinforcement and call it good
  2. i don't know if the mexican gas is solely to blame as the two JKs I was with also drank from the same pond with no trouble but it definitely didnt help my engine in the moment lol
  3. voltage regulator is failing thats confirmed so maybe that is the cause of my issues, I'm just too broke to dish out 100$ on a new alternator right now
  4. October 27th is Jeep Jam here in AZ. If anyone is interested myself, eaglescout, and two other comanche friends of mine (they arent on this forum yet) are gonna be there so if anyone else is down here's the facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/events/airpark-dodge-chrysler-jeep/airpark-14th-annual-jeep-jam/512746976167266/
  5. Alright alright alright Ive got another lead, I believe either A: my upstream O2 sensor is the incorrect one, or B: theres some sort of governor (possibly related to o2) that if my engine isnt at a specific temp itll put a rev limiter on my truck @2500rpm. If B is the answer that might explain why it happens only at cold start, or on the highway. My cooling system is just too efficient now yeesh, truck never sees 210 anymore its usually 180-195 range so that would explain why it starts happening on the highway. If anyone knows if these trucks/XJs in general (as mine is a 96 swap) have some sort of cold start rev governor let me know.
  6. that is some heavy duty research derf, and it definitely helps point me in the right direction. I think youre probably right about the price as i estimated about $18,000 so its definitely an expensive build, one for when I start makin more than I am now (anyone looking for a mechanical/electrical drafter?) but if it ensures my MJ stays on the road for another 33 years with no issues then I see no problem sinking that kinda cash. Diesels are cool but my main goal is to keep my MJ as a daily for the rest of my life if possible lol. Sure a 4.0L replacement is much cheaper and easier when mine dies but the added power off road and mpg improvements are enuf to convince me. New cars are too complex and boring anyways id rather put that money somewhere else like a cool swap.
  7. Just message me here on the comanche club that works fine
  8. Hmm thats true, i know the 4bt is really tall but i think thr r2.8 isnt too tall of an engine, id definitely email cummins and see what they think about the install before hand just to ensure everything will fit with minimal cutting
  9. Dm me with some info and more pics! :)
  10. that was a cool read, now how much for you to do it again with someone elses jeep haha
  11. do you have a build page? Id love to see how that all came together
  12. I hear that, have you done any research at all into how they would fit in our trucks? I know they need a charged cooling system thanks to that turbo so making it all fit would be the trickiest part. But hey if they can fit in things like CJ5's as ive seen before then it should most definitely fit in our trucks right?
  13. So theoretically the Cummins r2.8 turbo diesel will fit in our trucks, if the Cummins site is correct in their measurements that is, but surprisingly I havent seen any info on anyone that has done it with an MJ or XJ. Their crate engine kit comes with an entire harness, the ECM, a pedal, fuel pump, and a modular oil filter housing. It really seems like you wouldn't need much to swap it in other than drafting up and making some custom engine mounts but is it worth it? For an $8k price tag it certainly seems steep but if your 4.0 is already dead or on its way out and you want your MJ to last long enough for your grandkids to enjoy it is diesel a good choice? Compared to a 4bt swap which ive seen done a few times, it weighs about 350lbs less, and has a much smaller form factor. Its a 4 cyl with about 161hp but puts out a whopping 310lb ft of torque at 2000 rpms. To me that screams much better mpg and much better offroad capability. Ive seriously been considering saving up on the side for a swap like this but I'm curious to know everyone elses thoughts on it. Its also worth noting that my current trans/t-case (AX15 and NP231J) are both rated by cummins to be able to handle the engine so I wouldn't even need to hunt down something like an NV4500 like I would if I wanted to do a 4bt swap.
  14. Pirate_Staz


    that bench seat looks very clean. If I wasnt separated by nearly the entire U.S. I would come pick it up lol
  15. Thanks for the heads up will do! me and eaglescout are probably going to be doing another meetup here soon since he has some parts i want and I have some parts he wants so we'll be sure to put out a notice for when thats happening
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