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  1. I know right lol, I'm so used to the driveshaft in the comanche being as long as I am
  2. you would think but loading that thing up to go camping is like playing tetris its no easy task haha
  3. Oh yea, Also did the Teraflex SYE + Adams driveshaft combo shortly after buying it, so far its completely gotten rid of the high speed driveline vibrations and in my opinion 100% worth it! (ignore the wet axle thats just the remnants of the infamous rear main seal leak)
  4. Howdy, its been awhile since ive posted here mostly since I sold my comanche and havent really had a reason too, but worry not for I am still in the Jeep family as the money I got from selling my MJ I turned right around and used to buy my friends TJ! This isnt my first wrangler as ive had 2 YJs previous to this but it is so far my favorite I think. here's a pic from the same day I bought it and I immediately took it off road, temporary tags and all! A nice aspect about it is it was built by my friend who worked for an offroad shop at the time so the Teraflex 3" short arm lift, 1.
  5. it was rusted through in a few spots, trust me i almost grabbed it myself lol
  6. this was in fact the one i was pulling parts from
  7. Graham Cracker is now sold and currently resides in indiana. Godspeed to her. I on the other hand now own a 2001 TJ, ill get another MJ someday soon.
  8. Well, they drove 13 hours down here only to end up passing on it, i even offered a lower price but she said "her gut just wasn't in it". Can't really argue with that so she's still for sale! I'm even lowering the price to $8k OBO so if you or anyone you know is interested, hit me up :)
  9. thanks! Soon as I have a reliable daily ill be back with another MJ in no time! Graham Cracker was my second after all, so third time will be the charm
  10. I'm not sure if they have an account here or not (if not ill tell them to get one set up) Yessir i am, give or take a few hundred at least. Everyone wants an AZ truck with no rust haha
  11. To think, it was right under our nose this entire time....
  12. A couple of reasons, one I definitely think I bit off a bit more than I could chew with turning this truck into a "dream build" of sorts. The second reason being a by-product of the first where I realized if i want to buy a house and propose to my girlfriend by next year I probably shouldn't have a 34 year old truck that needs constant attention. I would definitely park it and buy a secondary daily if I could but I live in an apartment complex and don't have the space. Besides the space issue, I would feel bad just having it sit there being neglected so I think sending it off to a new home wit
  13. Buyer ended up passing out of a 'gut feeling' so the following text is not accurate: I've found a buyer too, they're coming down from Colorado and they own Several XJs and one MJ already. Its a long story but basically my MJ is replacing the one they have now and I know it'll be going to a good home
  14. I was wondering when someone from here would catch wind....
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