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  1. You've got a good project on your hands, loving the progress. All that garage space is nice too! :yes:
  2. I seen photobucket no longer allows 3rd party hosting so figured I would update the images here. Now using imgbox & seems to be good enough. Far as a working update, I am waiting on the brown santa to deliver a cheap cherry picker I got this month. Quick as it arrives then I'll finally be able to get that drive train out of the way. I got the stuff I needed to do some sand blasting so will get on that before I bother welding the new floor pans in, make sure I've got all the rust. The more I do the more I admire & respect the work you guys do to your MJ's, I'd love to have some of your skills! I'm doing it best I can, I just wish I knew what the heck I was doing! Hold on, this looks steep! Roper
  3. Dang, it's been almost a month since I have updated this thread. Still not much to update, been slowly working the rust. My back hates the position it's in when I'm bent over working on the floors so I've really not been pushing myself too much the past few weeks, plus the rain & heat hasn't helped. I'll go out to mess around for 30 mins or so in the morning then rest until the evening then do another 30 mins or so. Again, I've got pictures of the work I've done on the floors so far but won't post any unless someone wishes to look at big holes cut out and ground metal. I did pick up the replacement floor pans from c2c so once I've got all the rust removed then I'll get those welded in. Once done then I'll do a picture update to show the stages of work. Bare with me guys as I am slowly trucking along on the old girl best I can. I love seeing all the work the rest of you guys are doing on your MJ's. Keep up the good work! If it wasn't raining in Kentucky, it wouldn't be Kentucky! Roper
  4. Sorry I didn't update last week, hasn't been much to report. Kentucky rain makes sure I rest my back more than I would like. Seems I'm sweeping rain water more than I'm messing with Ruby. I have been working on the floors some, went thru 2 spot weld bits but most of the drivers side rust is gone. I'm still waiting on a cherry picker to get that dang drive train out of my way. After asking 4 people I knew had one, 2 said I could borrow it but never brought it over (I won't ask again) & other 2 said theirs was broke, I have decided I will just break down and purchase one. Figured if nothing else then I can resell it once done and get some of my funds back. I'll start grinding on the passenger side floors this week & hopefully get both ready for new pans to be welded in. Was planning on ordering the pans Friday but if I get a cherry picker then those will be pushed back a month. I hate having plans change but it is what it is, knew I had to be flexible when I started all this and let things go as they go. I've got pictures of the big hole that was the drivers side floor if anyone wants it but I figured we've all seen ground metal and concrete thru a big hole. Looks like I'll get a few extra dry days this week (hopefully) so back to work. :waving: Anyone got a umbrella? This da** things leaking! Roper
  5. Thank you IronManche87, appreciate the comments! Since I knew my mechanical skills sucked I tried to at least make it entertaining to read. :yes: lol, yeah CA may be a bit of a drive for a steak but if you ever do make it to KY then I've got one with your name on it too!
  6. haha I appreciate it buxmj! Another set of hands is always worth it so if you're ever up this way then I've got a steak with your name on it. My steaks are so good you don't need a knife to cut them nor any steak sauce, consider yourself warned! Yep, yep, they are that good! :yes:
  7. Not much to update this week, rounding up a cherry picker has been harder than I thought it would be. I did get the engine and tranny ready to come out then proceeded to tackle some of the rust with a wire wheel. Once I get the engine out of the way then I'll be in full body work mode, hopefully I've read & watched enough info that I'll be able to get it done halfway decent. While I'm waiting on a cherry picker I will take the seats apart so I can get them recovered and will probably start pulling the donor apart. I don't want to get too far into the donor yet because chances are I'll need to move it around a few times before final tear down. I can't believe nobody has even considered my steak & refreshments offer. :???: May have to expand that to a cooler full of refreshments or something to get any interest. :brows: The weather is suppose to be nice this week so I should have something worth updating next time, maybe even a few pictures of actual work being done. Don't try it, that "mudhole" is really a Pond! Roper
  8. Beautiful truck man, I always love a red one! What's your plans for it?
  9. We were out there bass fishing, there and Dale Hollow have some of the biggest I've ever seen. If you don't have any vibrations and it's only slightly pulling then I would check the air pressure or see if the brake pad on that side is contacting the rotor slightly more than other side. Start simple and work from there.
  10. I live in Hazard in SE KY, I've been fishing in your area a few times is how I knew. Your location below your avatar says Land between the lakes. Beautiful part of the state!
  11. Good looking truck you're starting with! Nice to see another one in KY. I think with the serial number they ran off the line along with the XJ so it's very possible your truck was 507614 while a XJ was 507613 & 507615, or that is what I read while doing the research on mine.
  12. Yeah man it is! You can see how big it is by that d35 sitting on it, axle looks tiny compared to the base of the jack.
  13. I've been rained out the past few days so yesterday I decided to jump on car-parts.com and see if any of the parts I may be needing in the future were available. That elusive drivers power window bezel was one thing I'd been keeping my eyes out for. Searched 2dr panels, nothing so I searched for the 2dr window controller and 4 pops up. One was in KY so I decided to call the place to see if by some chance they still had the bezel, the reply I got is the reason for this post and as you can guess I am one happy camper right now. :banana: "It's all still on the door, it works, nothing is broken and if you want the bezel I will throw that in for free. What's your address? I'll go take it off for you right now and ship it!" I wasn't sure at first I heard him correctly and may have said "Yeah, right!", but then I asked him if I heard him right and he replied the same. I may have gotten a little too excited and probably should have waited but figured the chances of coming across another one would be hard. I gave the guy my name, address and phone number, thanked him & hung up. In my excitement I forgot to give him my card number to complete the order lol. After calling him back and laughing at myself with him a few minutes it was done, really cool place. Long story short, for $47 shipped & less than 24 hours later, I am now the proud owner of this unicorn!!! I've not done anything to Ruby since my last update, finished cleaning the other side of the garage and that's about it. I did grab a few pictures of some of the old stuff. I'll just post a few to give you guys a idea of just how old this building is I'm working in. First one is of probably the best jack I've ever used, this thing is super sweet. No idea how old it is but it's gotta be 50 years older or more, still works great and has been a life saver. As you can see, this thing is huge! I thought these things were neat, looks like he was ready when it came time to fix his vehicles. All that old stuff is cool to look at but it kind of sucks not being able to just clean the whole garage out. Grandmother doesn't want any of his stuff moved so there it is, right where it has sat for the past 25+ years. Kind of hard working around it all but it is what it is, at least I've got a concrete floor and place to work. I'll get back to working on Ruby as quick as I get that cherry picker dropped off, guessing tomorrow depending on the weather. As soon as the engine is out then comes the fun, rust repair, rust repair then some more rust repair. I can feel my excitement building already, ok that is a lie but I do hope it's not too awful once all is said & done. We'll see, that's all for now. Tread lightly guys, I'm behind you & my wipers don't work! Roper
  14. Quick update: Last week I managed to get the axles off. I know that's not much of a big deal to most here but it felt like progress. Rear axle came off super easy, "This isn't that hard" I thought. Then came the front, whew that thing was determined to stay connected to Ruby. After a few rounds in the boxing ring (days) it finally gave up the fight, I was black and blue but it was off. Ruby rocked a little (had to adjust the stands to level) & I jumped for joy, ok ok I jumped to get the heck out of the way. But point is we both were happy that old rusty 30 was finally off. I can link some pictures if anyone wants but I'm pretty sure everyone has seen a nasty axle on concrete surrounded by a floor covered with dirt & rust. I spent the last few days cleaning the garage and that old boat has finally been removed. Cousin plans on getting it back on the water and using it to fish with his grandkids. That thing had a Chrysler 55 outboard motor on it that still ran, I wasn't even aware that they made boat motors. He also has a cherry picker I can borrow so quick as he brings that over then I'll get the engine & tranny out of the MJ. Probably won't get that until this weekend so I'll spend the rest of the week cleaning out the now empty side of the garage. I may go ahead and pull the donor XJ in & start pulling it apart some, depends on how much room the bed takes up once I move it over so I can do some body/frame work. Oh yeah, I have found a local jeep club that I'm considering joining. I've got a feeling I'm going to need someone around who has some experience wrenching on these trucks when I start the process of putting parts back on the old girl. Removing parts doesn't take much knowledge or skill, I was able to figure that out. I'd prefer not have to "figure it out" when it comes time to actually put parts back on & make it run safely down the highway. If I'm forced to figure it out then I'll figure it out I guess. Thankfully most info I need is right here. Speaking of that, I'm on page 34 of 65 in my quest to read all the build threads. So sad seeing all the ones that just end without the trucks being finished. Only bright side to that is the love that some of you guys have for our trucks. The way you guys are dedicated to saving as many of these trucks as you can & that proof being your drive way/garage/yard filled with multiple MJ's. I admire your dedication & respect the heck out of the hard work you are doing! Only downside so far has been I've yet to find another CC member who is close enough to bribe with steaks & beer/soda for face to face brain picking & wrench help, 31 pages to go so still hoping. :yes: I guess that's it for this week. Keep your tires on the road guys! Roper
  15. Not much to update for last week. It rained, then it rained and then it rained some more. :fs1: Did I mention it rained? That old garage leaks like a stuck pig, the wiring is 50+ years old and it's a metal building. In my younger days I may have said frack it but my old self isn't as brave so I rested my back for the most part. I sprayed the axle bolts with PB a couple days in a row then managed to break most of the rear axle bolts loose between storm systems. We're suppose to get a few dry days this week so hopefully will get both axles off. Yep, Slow! :yes: Side note: I cook quiet possibly the best steaks in the world. I might be bragging but I am also stating facts! Now that you guys know that secret I will resort to old school jeepster bribery. .... *** Anyone who helps me wrench on Ruby will receive a free awesome tasting steak & ice cold beer/soda! *** ... Oh yeah, I'm serious!!! :brows: Keep your heads above water MJers, It's wet out there! Roper
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