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    I will take the unpainted black pair.
  2. Your right. I agree. No offense intended. This is a very informative club/board. I'm glad to have found it. Over and out.
  3. Sounds like hornbrod knows what he is talking about. Infact next next time i have a problem i will remember this link and search on horbrod to get good, complete information. I'm the guy that disconnects things to cause failures and just see what happens. Hornbrod studies and understands failure mechanisms like the jeep mechanic you wish you had nearby.
  4. I like to think of it as if your aw4 has a clutch inside that your aw4 or its ecu controls. It won't fully let out the clutch unless it senses that your giving it some throttle... but your tps is telling it that its not giving any throttle even thou your actually flooring it. If you do that with a manual trans you will be slipping the clutch and burning up your clutch plate. If you disconnect the aw4 ecu ( Under dash by passangers feet, it will slip really bad until it seems to figure out that its disconnected and goes into some kind of semi functional loopback mode.
  5. I know its hard to believe, but yes. I want to return my truck to its original build configuration. Its is a very basic bench seat, dummy light, column shift, np231. But its a metric ton. And it a long bed.
  6. Looking for a instrument cluster for a 1989 comanche with 4.0 and AW4 automatic trans. The gear select indicator is in the cluster and a wire comes out and connects to the shifter on the column. Has dummy lights instead of gauges. Blue plastic housing. It has a speedometer cable input.
  7. Looking for a good pair of Comanche rear flare inner liners.
  8. If its to big and can be removed when locked then I wasted money. If it just rattles i can wrap it in black electrical tape. I will let you know. I do like the alternatives you guys posted.
  9. Yes its been s problem. Actually, with all the drug addicts encouraged to live here on the left coast, anything made of metal is fair game to be stolen. http://www.latimes.com/business/autos/la-fi-hy-truck-tailgate-theft-rises-20140902-story.html
  10. The main thing is to prevent rust from getting out of control. Someday when you are rich and famous youll still have a comanche to paint and the money. Here is a link to factory color spray paint you can order for now. http://www.automotivetouchup.com/spray_paint_matched.aspx I also have old rusty mercedes diesels i like to play with. This guy from the pacific nortwest has got the rust repair figured out to a science. His miracle paint is impermeable. https://mercedessource.com/store/miracle-paint-underbody-complete-sheetmetal-rust-repair-kit-extras
  11. Here is a link to a tailgate lock that I'm going to try. Its $20. https://www.etrailer.com/p-LH-090.html
  12. http://pic20.picturetrail.com/VOL1591/13751038/24757199/413122900.jpg
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