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  1. Hello once again! So, this isn't a new problem for me, however it is always trivial. My jeep, when hot. Or after sitting for a bit(Say 30 or so minutes after running it somewhere) Won't start, and the starter is working so is the motor. The battery is charged, and everything is kicking. However, it will not start no matter what i do. The only form i've found to work was to push start it. It is an 88 2.5 i4.
  2. Okay here is whats going on, i can upload a video later be more specific but for now i'll try to explain to be the best of my ability. So My alternator pulley is still offset, making a pulley misalignment and causing and irritable squeak that stops after 5 seconds or so. And recently it's been making a weird loud metal clanking noise. Sounds like it's coming from the rear end. And i'm pretty sure i know the answer to another problem. My starting issues. Early today at an intersection my mj died randomly out of nowhere. No bog, no signs of dying. Just simply shut off and i had to roll it a block then fire it up. Ran fine after that. And when it is hot, it doesn't like to start. Or if it's been running then sits for probably 40 minutes it doesn't want to start AT ALL. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll post a video sometime after this is posted.
  3. Alright so hey guys been a while! I'm using jc Whitney as my goto source for parts. But I'm about to begin my endeavor of rebuilding the front end. And I need to know where to start and finish. Let me know any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks mj buddies!
  4. Mine is an 88, and I was gonna go efi to carb because well, I hate carbs but it'd be cheaper.
  5. Alrighty fellas! Good news! I've got a 350 bored to 355 small block, and I'm wondering if I'm missing anything from my grocery list, here it is. 350 small block SM 420 4 speed transmission Transfer case Np231 for torquey handling Efi to carb conversion kit PCM V8 mounting brackets and the like Power train wiring harness V8 Radiator and cooling system that can fit into the small jeep grille Run the Jeep ECM computer with the GM powertrain computer. OR convert the gauge cluster to something GM compatible Remember make the engine think it’s in a GM vehicle!(Principle) Fuel delivery system can be retained with the stock tank, however you’ll have to fill it up more often XD Lift the truck before any of the actual swapping begins, because it will clear the way for the engine then stock riding height.
  6. And reason for the 4wd as mentioned is so I can lift it higher, and the capabilities
  7. Alrighty, so basically I have plans to convert my 1988 mj to 4wd and I just wanted to know like a small grocery list of items I'd need to get the job done. Only reason I'm going 4wd is for the capabilities, and I'd like to put on a 4.5" lift kit.
  8. I honestly wanted 32's but I don't know if that would cause rubbing at that point
  9. Sometime this month I'm doing a lift, do you guys think 3" of lift with 31" tires good? With backspacing 3 3/4?
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