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  1. 1988 Comanche 4.0L 5 speed manual (millennial anti theft device) 227k miles Still use it as a chore truck in SC, maybe 1k miles a year Great little truck
  2. Three letters I will never forget....CPS. Yesterday I was neatening up some wiring for the start button. Started fine afterwards. Today went to start the truck and nothing. Only thing that worked was the key buzzer. After a couple of hours of trouble shooting and scratching my head, the wife came out and looked under the hood and said unplug that for 5 minutes and it will reset the CPS. The plug is located on the fire wall just above the fuel rail, well mine is. The wires in the plug are vio/wh and wh/blk to a red and white. I reset it and it fired right up. Have since put two on order.
  3. Does it have an evaporation canister? When it gets saturated it can cause loss of power and lurching.
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