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  1. Did you try adjusting the position of the sliders front--back? If that doesn't work, I recommend using a spacer to fill the gap. If you let me know what the thickness of the gap is, I would be happy to send a CNC-Cut spacer so you can bolt in the middle leg of those rocker guards. Thanks! Nate
  2. Charles, glad to hear it, thanks for the feedback!
  3. You're absolutely right, I have been struggling a little lately to keep up with both customer service and all the welding that needs to be done during this busy time. We are working towards finding the talent we need in either the customer service or welding depts. I will be reaching out to directly by email to touch base about your order, and I will do this right now! Thanks, Nate
  4. So does Andrew Burd of Anomaly Filmworks. I had personally never heard the song before, but it's nice!
  5. https://youtu.be/92-AEXUhtkU Thanks to Anomaly Filmworks of Midland, MI for working with us in creating this great video! The actual welding of this bumper was 26 minutes, condensed down to about a 5 minute video. These are currently available for $525 and fit all Comanches with minor fender trimming.
  6. We're at about 2-3 weeks on these. Thanks -Nate 989-708-9482
  7. Sure, we tend to use shots that have the entire vehicle and crop out the background, or closeups of the product installed. I can do the cropping/license blurring. nathan@nates4x4.com
  8. Thanks for the picture update! Any chance we could use one of those on the website?
  9. Prototype Complete! I contacted everybody regarding finalizing the pre-orders. If everyone could give me a call at 989-708-9482 to finalize, we're about to put in a material order and can ship these out next week. Thanks! Nate
  10. We had a fifth, looks like we're back down to four? Plan on going ahead with it anyway, the prototype vehicle is coming in next week.
  11. Next military check, I'm in. We just ordered three of your Mj bumpers about a month ago for us Fl guys. First one just arrived today. Looks great. Would you like me to put you down for a pre-order? Currently still have only four, would like to see one more before the prototype vehicle comes. We do now have a lead on a prototype vehicle, will post more information as it's available! Thankyou, Nate
  12. Great, thanks for all the replies! We have confirmed 4 pre-orders since last night. Spread the word, lets try to get at least one more. I'm confident we will, so I'm putting the word out for a prototype vehicle today. If all goes well I may be able to do the prototyping the last weekend of this month. Thanks again, Nate 989-708-9482
  13. Ok, lets do this, I'm going to put the pre-orders in through our computer system. To pre-order, please email or pm the following: Full name and shipping address Email address Contact phone number Whether you want tube steps (335.00) or not (265.00) No payment or billing info needed for now, I'll keep the thread updated with the number of pre orders. If we can get 5 people committed I'll track down a prototype truck. For anyone wondering what they'll look like just head over to our website to check out the long box version, www.nates4x4.com.
  14. I should be able to round up a prototype vehicle locally if there is really enough interest in these. Could I get about 5 members to commit to a pre-order at $335/pair, free shipping? Nothing due until the prototype is finished.
  15. Bring us a prototype vehicle! :) I hear our long box version is not too difficult to modify, it's just a matter of getting a short box in here to test fit and modify.
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