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    i am a gearhead to the day i die, i work at O'Reilly auto parts, i have 3 jeeps,

    88 comanche MJ (my daily)

    been working on jeeps for about 4 years now it started with my 95 grand cherokee ZJ i got for $300 from my best freind, sold it after 1 year and 3 mouths,
    it had...
    3" lift
    33x12.5x15 mud kings
    rustys HD steering
    rustys HD track bars
    JKS sway bar dis.
    yakima bike roof rack
    AMS oil in motor,trans,tcase,and F&R diffs
    flowmaster 44
    trail Ready rear bumper

    this was the first jeep i ever had and i loved it but i had to sell for a work car.
  1. I sold the 2014 rubicon wheel. And got my new raceline 81 17x9.5 beadlocks put on the Comanche today. It's looking good nice!!!
  2. Got my dirty30 built and installed over the last 2 weeks!
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    @ramblinringo has one!
  4. Ok. I lost track on this build... I now have everything on my MJ 6.5" iron rock off-road from coils. Rough country Long Arms. JCR 1-ton OTK steering. Ford 8.8. With 4:10s LSD, IRO 8.8 swap kit/truss, solid diff cover. BillStein 5100 series shocks. IRO trac bar. 2" coil front spacer (to make it level) 2014 rubicon wheels (17") 285/75R17 treadwright guard dog tires 5on4.5 to 5on5 wheel adapters Big thank you to @ramblinringo for helping me do all the work on my comanche.
  5. On my 88 MJ 4.0l, my idle is very high and I can't find out why... I've cleaned the Throttle body and IACV, replaced some vacuum lines and adjusted the TPS... I don't know what else to do to see if I can get the idle lower, but to replace the IACV. Thanks for the input
  6. My drivers side mount was in 2 peaces. The passenger side mount on my truck was all one peace but it was dry cracked and old.
  7. I work at a local auto parts store, I was looking through our system and found a bigger filter that fits the 4.0ls Stock filter: wix 51626 New filter : wix 51182 They both have... 21 micron rating M20x1.50 thread 2.462" gasket inside diameter. 3.663" bottom outside diameter The ONLY difference is the "51182" is 5.207" tall and the stock "51626" is 3.812" tall Hope this helps someone someday...
  8. If the CPS was bad it would not start at all! It would not send a signal to the ECM telling where the crank is at in its rotation, check all your vacuum lines and maybe your idle air control valve
  9. This is where I mounted my CB on the back of my center console
  10. I'm going to go look at it in person Friday morning, I hope I can use the track bar and brace, and the rear shackles
  11. Yea I know he got the lift from a friend and he blew the motor in his XJ before he could get the lift on it
  12. I found a guy on Craigslist that's selling this 6" lift off an XJ and I can't find out what brand it is. Any help?
  13. Here is where I mounted mine, under the tool box used firestik mount and antenna. Out the CB radio on the bad side on my center consul
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