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  1. http://newlondon.craigslist.org/cto/4844303212.html Text 8608030136 if interested
  2. here's the craigslist ad I'm not losing the comanche family I got a chance to get a 2.1 and I need help paying for the new MJ here's the ad for my MJ enjoy http://newlondon.craigslist.org/cto/4743561307.html
  3. This is a sad moment in my pic and this website is like family to me and I don't want to let good her but I have too. My MJ is up for sale there is an issue with the fuel pump and the truck won't start. I've tried to fix it but nothing worked. The MJ has 150000 miles on it and typical rocker panels rotted and a hole I the bed from a stack (now there is a side pipe) exhaust the MJ is red and black with American racing rims that were painted black oil was just changed and a brand new 0 miles on the tank. When the truck runs it never had any problems or left me stranded 4x4 works great. Any other things you need to know or want to come take a look at the truck please text (8608030126) or email (gokeyMT@yahoo.com) me I'm tiring get 2k Obo I really don't want to get rid of it but it's time to let her go. Thanks all for being a great forum and I hope to be back here to see how she's doing and check out the awesome projects posted on here and in hopes to buy another comanche down the road.
  4. I found out more details that it is not receiving power to the fuel pump. Instead of spending tons of money I'm gunna try to find the schematics to the fuel pump to wire it to a switch to manually turn on the pump
  5. Yes but when I bought the truck it got a brand new fuel pump put in
  6. My engine control fuse popped yesterday after I changed my fuel tank I didn't pinch any wires when taking it out or when I put it in. I got another fuse turned the key and it popped agian does anyone have know what's going on with it and how to fix it help!!! I gotta get it fixed ASAP!!!!!
  7. Does anyone know if you are able to put 91 dakota style taillights into my MJ taillights spot or are the holes different
  8. Who knows what parts I need to do the nose swap thanks
  9. Hey all I wanted to find out if we have any comanche club decals I'm looking to see if we have any. I want to be able to put our website out to the world so more people that have Comanches know who we are. I kinda want to set up a sponsorship on the eastern side of the usa by going to car shows fairs off road events and on Facebook and Instagram if anyone can help out that would be great thanks
  10. Does anyone got ideas on aftermarket guages I recently got a turbo for my MJ and I wanna do a boost guage any other ideas on guages and where would be the best to mount the guages
  11. Does anyone have the designs to make mounts for the rigid led pods for the "A" pillar on the out side like what they have on the wranglers?
  12. the rust/ rot hole is above the passenger wheel well its about a 2 inch hole with about an 1 hole rusting over the wheel well
  13. Okay cool another question for all y'all my bed on the passenger side is all dinged up and has a rot hole on it would it be worth fixing up or could I find a good flatbed, if so flatbed where could I find one for a good price.
  14. okay I'm going to get some body work done on the rockers soon and need to paint those piece just unsure of what color I should do
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