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  1. My DD, a '92 MJ, has 209,xxx on the odometer. Actual miles is probably 10K more. When my speed sensor died (back in the 90's), it took me about a year to replace it. LOL No engine work done. I've only replaced: water pump, alternator, (numerous) clutches, throttle body sensor, radiator and a few odds and end suspension parts. The radiator had about 200K, but a rock in AZ ended its life :-(
  2. Another vote for keeping her original! I agree to keep her away from the salt/cinders, what ever they use in your state. She's a beauty :-)
  3. Do you have any photos of it?
  4. Very nice! It's so cool to see other original owners. I'm the original owner of my '92. I really wanted bucket seats, but I would of had to upgrade to either a Pioneer or Eliminator. I couldn't do it, due to the price increase at the time. Shout out and represent, congrats on your nomination!
  5. Nice to see that someone else has their brochure. I still have my '92 brochure.
  6. Are you the original owner? If not, the "splash" decal that your talking about, made it the Sport package.
  7. Thanks for all the input. I was trying to share a photo of my puppy with Pete and was running in to all kinds of problems. Yeah, as photographers of the image, it is copywritten and we don't want the photos stolen. Yeah, I pay yearly for them to host my photos. I wanted to use FB, but it wasn't being too friendly.
  8. Almost looks like my '85, but mine has grey exterior and auto. Yeah, that 2.8 sucks! I'm debating on an engine rebuild or swap.
  9. I'm looking for the wing vent window with the attached frame. It looks like a number 4 when removed. I don't need the whole door. My current drivers side vent window seal leaks and you can't replace just the rubber. Yep, that's the visors I'm talking about. My drivers side is broke, the material that it's made out of (cardboard or plastic) separated from the main part. The ones you have are out of a '92, correct? I know throughout the years they changed the style. Off topic. Do you have anything in Cordovan (that deep red) from an '85 Cherokee?
  10. Are the vent wing windows in good working order and not leaking? Windshield visor? Are you talking about the sun visors? If so, what color and shape are they in? Do you have photos of the items? My zip code is 92057 Sorry if the post/questions sound stupid...it's late and I really should be asleep right now.
  11. I can't buy the whole lot, but I like a couple of the items. Is the mini console for a manual transmission/4x4? What kind of condition are the visors in? My girl is a '92 with a broke drivers side visor and the clip (or mount) inside the mini console is busted. My zip code is 92057
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