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  1. And btw rocky road outfitters garuntees their spacers are a true 2". Well see about that...;)
  2. Thanks everyone for the insight. I do have adjustable track bar. I've decided to add a 2" spacer on the coils. The difference front to back is almost 3". So I ordered rocky roads spacers and a set of quick discos for the hell of it. Couldnt help myself. Lol should be on by next week. After this its a new army green paint job and 97-01 front grille. Will post pics. Wish me luck! Thanks again.
  3. I have my trusty ol 88 mj pioneer with the rustys 4.5 with soa rear but she has a front rake I would love to get level by that I mean brought up about an inch should I use coil spacers or do I need to adjust or add to front components (drop pitman, extend track bar etc...)??? Kind of lost on the front suspension. Any help much appreciated!
  4. gomjgo

    Stock Bench Seat

    Looking for a stock bench seat for my MJ.it is standard so I don't know if that matters or not but the Cherokee seats in it sit too high and I don't like the center console. thanks.
  5. thanks hitman that's exactly it! spent all day messing around tracking wires and found that no power so I ran a quick switch myself to start for now till I get those new cables on there. at least shes up and running! fffeeeewww! go mj go!
  6. Mj not starting but fuel pump, gauges,radio, and starter turning on yet no clicking or magic...please help I need her running in 5 hours! :(
  7. Ok so found a bad ground and my gauges work and sound from starter and fuel pump kicking on but still no magic! :/ hhmmm I'm thinking 2 month old starter? Or more bad ground?
  8. Sweet deal seems to be the only answer is fishing it out. Thanks again for the input! Lets hope it stops snowing so I can get to work! :)
  9. Sweet deal seems to be the only answer is fishing it out. Thanks again for the input! Lets hope it stops snowing so I can get to work! :)
  10. Sorry if I got carried away. But no there is nothing I disconnected my ignition switch and replaced it with a brand new one then used a flat head to move the slide to start it and nothing. Not a noise nothing. Its depressing. I feel like I'm running out of options...:/
  11. So I took terminals off cleaned all connections still nothing. Not even the radio. My ignition switch is brand new replaced today and still nothing what so ever. BUT I did notice my battery terminal is ran to a relay that has probably 5-7 other wires on it as well...could it be the ancient relay? Btw thanks for the help guys! I love my Comanche and don't wanna give up on her. this electrical is kicking my butt. Not to mention just liffting her last week. Haven't even gotten to enjoy her.
  12. idk if I'm on the right track but my battery, alternator, starter and tumbler are all brand new and good to go. but my mj just won't start. won't turn over or even get my gauges turned on. nor the radio. I know I have power cuz for some reason my radio turns on with my light switch (don't ask its been like that since I bought her) but I'm thinking ignition switch...anyone have any thoughts or opinions that might help I'm open to anything. I just lifted her and now I can't enjoy her cuz she won't start!!!!
  13. does anyone have a bench seat for sale

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