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  1. Josh_Fish95

    My First Jeep The Slow Build Start

    can someone please explain to me how i can upload photos i can't figure it out and i could really use the help :dunno:
  2. when i first got her :banana:
  3. Josh_Fish95

    What Kind Of Cb Radio Antenna Do You Guys Prefer?

    i used to have a whip but now i have a fire stick but trees hate them this is my second one :doh:
  4. new member of the citrus county jeepers!

  5. what kind of antenna or you guys running in your jeeps i used to have a whip but i got bored with it and i recently purchased a 4ft fires stick II i love it great reception and doesnt hit on trees and things what do you guys like or prefer? . :MJ 1: .
  6. I saw a comanche online with a comanche club sticker on it i would realy like to find one for mine can someone send me the link thanks guys