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  1. I too wish I could see one with a hard painted bed cover.
  2. Thank you! I'll keep searching. If I do locate what I seek I'll post it..
  3. Thank you! I've tried to contact this company seeking a flat lift cover for my short bed Comanche and await a response.
  4. I'll give the measurements a try. Hope it works out. Thanks!
  5. What I seek is a paintable hard fiberglass lift bed cover for my '89 Comanche. One company shows a vinyl foldable three piece item at a very reasonable price but it's not what I seek. Thank you!
  6. I'd be honored to hear back from you. I've been trying to locate a paintable hard cover, seems like forever. I just am not ready to accept there is none that will fit. Thank you!
  7. I've been seeking a hard, paintable short bed cover for my '89 Comanche. None appear to be available. Can anyone suggest another that may be compatable>
  8. A fair price for lights so hard to find. I used Rusty's conversation lights.
  9. Would love for you to keep me posted, thanks!
  10. I seek a company that makes a hard tono lift cover to fit my short bed Comanche?
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