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Another Comanche....


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Just bought another MJ today :nuts:

A rusty old 86 LB with the 2.1 turbodiesel








Lots of rust on the outside, but the interior and a lot of the plastic stuff is in pretty good shape. Engine startet after a can of starting fluid and lots of cranking, runs good but its leaking oil everywhere. My plan is to tear out everything i might need on my other mj and build a trailbeater out of the rest. My dream is to put in a v8 and fullsize axels, but to begin with i will give the oil burner a chance comancheB.gif

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Jeepcomj and eagle: How could it be that i knew what your replies whould be?


I think i have enough parts laying around to get it back on the road, i just don't know if its worth it. I have no need for it, and i don't think i would get much for it if i sell it. About every second jeep here is a diesel, and they have a bad reputation for beeing lazy and unreliable.


Still...I'm not 100% certain about the trailbeater thing, it would have been fun to restore it as well...

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